National: AMLO – Review of Advances and Promises after 100 Days in Power

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On March 10th, the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador completed 100 days in office. To mark this, the newspaper Sin Embargo conducted a review of the 100 commitments, which the president read during his swearing in ceremony on December 1st, 2018.

According to the review “22 percent of the 100 commitments can be considered fulfilled (…) as the reforms to the law, as the plans presented and by the social programs that have already started to go. 25 percent have the status of “in process” (…) in this category are his commitments that are longer term but that already show signs of progress. 12 percent can be considered as non-compliant. (…) on this list are promises such as maintaining nurseries, the creation of a National Innovation Plan, that the trusts would be canceled, that purchases and government tenders would be open and supervised by the United Nations Organization (UN) and another referring to public consultations. Of the remaining 41 percent we do not yet have elements to assess whether they were met or not (…) they are mostly long-term projects or their achievements cannot be strictly quantified or they will be able to be evaluated when the first Public Account of 2019 or the first results of the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF in its Spanish acronym) are published.”

Aristegui news reported that, “on arriving at the symbolic 100th day of the government, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador gathered his main officials in the National Palace, to make a preliminary assessment of the start of the six-year term. There, in front of the legal and expanded cabinet, he left one thing very clear: everything that happens in his government will be supervised by the President. Furthermore, “the” AMLO style of governing “touches all the decisions of the administration (…) in the long run, Lopez Obrador will take the credit of the achievements and bear the responsibility of the failures.” During the event AMLO assured for his part that had met 62 of his 100 commitments, the rest being in the process of compliance.

He considered that he has complied with projects such as starting to fix rural roads, the pension for seniors, scholarships for students, the program for young apprentices, support for the disabled, the planting of timber and fruit trees, the support program for campesinos, as well as the cattle credit.

During the first 100 days the President has received applause for his achievements and maintains a high level of approval. However, various political players and representatives of national and international civil organizations have begun to question it in different spheres in particular regarding decisions that they consider contrary to what he promised in the campaign, Proceso reported. Thus they criticized “Lopez Obrador’s statements against social groups and his decision to carry out projects that affect indigenous and peasant communities are generating disappointment and social rejection.” Similarly, his decision not to give more resources to society’s civil organizations, accusing them of corruption and opacity, as well as of being intermediaries benefited by public resources destined for the most needy sectors.

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