National: Forced Disappearance Law Passed

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On October 12th, the Legislature finally approved the General Law on Forced Disappearance of Persons, Disappearance Committed by Individuals as well as the National System of Search of Persons after three years. It was sent to the Presidency of the Republic after a unanimous vote. Although more than 50 articles were submitted under reserve, finally, a review was declined so as not to have to return the draft to the Senate.

Civil, national and international organizations welcomed the adoption of the said law but stressed that it could be improved but also urgent and necessary, so they called on lawmakers to provide a sufficient budget, and the President of the Republic to publish it immediately. Among the shortcomings were the lack of a registry of victims, the inability to investigate and punish commanders ordering their subordinates to illegally detain a person, as well as the absence of an independent forensic institute.

Amnesty International insisted that “concrete steps must now be taken so that it can move forward firmly into a reality,” and called for all necessary steps to be taken to implement it. The UN-HR for its part urged the Mexican State to recognize the competence of the UN Committee against Forced Disappearance to receive individual complaints from victims of violations of the rights provided in the International Convention on the subject.

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