Guerrero: Presentation of book “Accompanying hope: 20 experiences in defense and promotion of human rights” in Chilpancingo

February 14, 2014

Presentación "Acompañando la esperanza" en Chilpancingo (@RedTdt)

Presentation of book “Accompanying hope: 20 experiences in defense and promotion of human rights” in Chilpancingo (@RedTdt)

On 10 February in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, there was held a book presentation of “Accompanying hope: 20 experiences in defense and promotion of human rights,” which forms part of the campaign “Let us defend hope” as promoted by the Network “All Rights for All” (TdT).

On the panel for the presentation were  the following persons: Javier Hernández Valencia, representative in Mexico of the UN High Commissioner’s Office on Human Rights; Edgar Cortez, from the Mexican Institute for Human Rights and Democracy; Abel Barrera Hernández, director of the  Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights; and Agnieszka Raczynska, executive director of TdT.  All speakers agreed on the gravity of the situation of those displaced by violence in the state.

The TdT Network also reiterated its concern for the situation faced by human-rights defenders in Guerrero, given that amidst a generalized situation of violence, this state has registered the highest number of attacks (including murders) against rights-defenders in Mexico.  “These communal defenders are those who, in the majority of cases, find themselves at greatest vulnerability of being criminalized, repressed, and above all delegitimized, especially when their communities organize themselves against private interests comprised of powerful groups that promote developmental models that are foreign to the vision of local peoples or who impose violence and fear,” noted Edgar Cortez.

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National: Campaign “We Defend Hope” in favor of human-rights defenders

April 8, 2013

banner_redtdt_3Starting on 20 March, the National Network of Civil Human-Rights Organizations “All Rights for All” announced the National Campaign “We Defend Hope” in favor of human-rights defenders.  By means of this campaign, and for a year’s course, it has been proposed that there be shared different experiences of the defense and promotion of the human rights advanced by the 73 organizations that comprise the Network in 21 states of Mexico.

By means of this and other public acts to raise consciousness, the Network seeks to make-visible the contributions of rights-defenders in the construction of a more just society.  During the launch of the campaign, Agnieszka Raczynska, Executive Secretary of the Network, observed that “the work of human-rights defenders is little-recognized in Mexico; on several occasions, it has been the authorities who defame those who defend human rights.  Over the course of the last few years, rights-defenders have been threatened, surveiled, harassed, slandered, and physically assaulted, all because of the work they carry out in favor of the victims or the causes they defend.”

The campaign also proposes the integration and participation of society in general in these efforts, given that all people can be defenders of their own communities and places.

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Boletín de prensa en el marco del lanzamiento de la Campaña (20 de marzo de 2013)

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National: launching of Consultative Council of Mechanism for Protection of Journalists and Rights-Defenders

October 26, 2012

Agnieszka Raczynska @

On 19 October, the work of the Consultative Council of Mechanism for Protection of Journalists and Rights-Defenders formally began.  This organization will protect these subjects when their lives are at risk due to the work they engage in.  The Council is comprised of people from civil society who specialize in human rights, journalism, and academia.

The Consultative Council will have in its membership Agnieszka Raczynska, the Executive Secretary of the Network All Rights for All; Edgar Cortéz, from the Mexican Institute for Human Rights and Democracy; Michael Chamberlain, director of Initiatives for Identity and Inclusion; and Juan José Perdomo, president of the National Network of Organizations of Older Adults, the Retired, and Pensioners. In the area of freedom of expression and journalists, members will include Rogelio Hernández, director of the House for the Rights of Journalists; Jade Ramírez, recipient of the National King Prize of Spain; Jorge Israel Hernández, collaborator of Masters degrees in journalism from the Center for Investigation and Economic Teaching A.C. (CIDE); and José Buendía, executive director of the Press and Democracy Foundation. As academics, Pablo Romo, members of Services and Assessment for Peace (Serapaz), and Armando Hernández Cruz, doctor of jurisprudence from UNAM will participate.

In a press-release signed by several civil-society organizations, these indicate that “we have reached yet another success so that in Mexico there be an institution that protects rights-defenders and journalists.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Boletín de prensa: OSC de DDHH y de Libertad de Expresión en México consiguen avanzar en instalación del 1er mecanismo que protegerá a defensores y periodistas (19/10/2012)

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For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

National: Approval of Law for the Protection of Human-Rights Defenders and Journalists (16 May 2012)