Chiapas/National: CNI and EZLN express solidarity with Yaquis of Sonora against the looting of water

July 21, 2013

Vicam, Sonora (archivo,

In a communique released on 7 July, the Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee-General Command of the EZLN (CCRI-CG) and the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) saluted the “historical mobilization” of the Yaqui people in Sonora “to defend their existence and territory.”  More concretely, the organizations pronounced themselves against the “robbery of water that the bad government seeks to advance through the Independence Aqueduct.”The two demanded “the immediate cancellation of arrest-orders and the fabrication of crimes against members of the Yaqui tribe,” condemning “the criminalization of their struggle” when “the Yaqui river has historically been the transporter of the ancestral continuity of the culture and territory of the Yaqui people.”They warned finally that “those who comprise the CNI reiterate that if they touch one of us, they touch all of us, and for this reason we will respond to any attempt to repress this dignified struggle, or any other.”

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Chiapas: Zapatista Women’s Festival: “Mama Corral”

March 11, 2009

On March 7 and 8, the Forum of Zapatista women took place in celebration of the International Women’s Day, dedicated to Doña Concepción García de Corral, “known by the Zapatistas as Mama Corral, the mother of fallen fighters and tenacious fighter for the rights of disappeared people”.

Arriving in Oventik, one noticed the lines and lines of cars parked by the side of the road, with signs indicating that they had come from other Caracoles. Thousands of women came together at the event which was convoked as a political, sporting, and cultural event. Games of soccer, basketball, and volleyball took place, as well as cultural events like dancing, all organized by and for the women.

During the political part, the comandantes of the Indigenous Clandestine Revolutionary Committee- General Command (CCRI-CG) of the EZLN stated: “It is time to break the chains, to break the silence, to say enough to feeling inferior to men. It is time to act, to take hold of our rights with our own hands. It its time to move forward”.

“We do not know how many more celebrations like this we will have, because the war continues. But meanwhile, we will celebrate that we are alive”.

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Palabras de bienvenida y mensaje político de CCRI-CG del EZLN