Chiapas: Ejidatarios of Tila release a communique and a letter to SCJN judges, on eve of decision in their case

March 5, 2013

Ejido de Tila @ archivo SIPAZ

On 26 February, ejidatarios of Tila who adhere to the EZLN’s Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona jungle released a communique reporting that the court case regarding the fate of the Tila ejido is about to be resolved before the Supreme Court of Justice in the Nation (SCJN).  The ejidatarios indicated that they had won a motion allowing them to recover the lands that the state-government of Chiapas expropriated via decree in 1980.  They emphasized that “the mayor who is protected by the state-government [used] this illegal decree of 1980 [such that he has been] selling and appropriating our lands.  The motion clearly states that the lands pertain to the ejido and that the decree is illegal.  They wanted to take over 130 hectares, 52 of which are occupied by the town of Tila and 78 of which are worked and cultivated.  Now we can see how they desire to continue privatizing and enriching themselves.  They want to continue with their corruption and looting of our people.  This is the root of the problem and its injustice.”Furthermore, on 28 February it was announced in a press-conference that the ejidatarios had written a letter to the SCJN’s judges.  “We want our right as ejidatarios to be respected, because we do in fact have rights, and we want justice to be done.  This justice must be done according to the law, because we are not taking away lands, but they are taking ours.  We request justice because it is our right as Mexicans, and it makes no sense that those who have no juridical standing be favored in this process.”  The female ejidatarias emphasized that “as women we want our lands to be returned, because this way we maintain our sons and daughters and our own selves.  We do not want them to expropriate our lands because then our children left for the cities, becoming criminals, all due to the injustice and violation of our rights as Ch’ol indigenous women.”Separately, there was made public a letter written by academics, intellectuals, and artists who support the ejidatarios of Tila.

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Chiapas: Indigenous Ch’oles block highway in north of the state

February 7, 2013


Photo @Laklumal Ixim

On 5 February, in observance of the 96th anniversary of the Mexican Constitution, approximately 450 Ch’ol women and men who pertain to the organization Laklumal Ixim (Our People of Maize) initiated a highway blockade on the Yajalón-Tila route so as to demonstrate that nearly two months into the administration of the new state government, “the communities and peoples continue to experience abandonment, misery, and looting.”  In the communique participants denounce that “the ‘National Crusade against hunger’ is a farce that seeks merely to share crumbs to our communities that experience poverty, while our natural resources are handed over to foreign firms for exploitation.  This is all a part of a strategy of counter-insurgency.”  Furthermore, the members of the organization demand “that the Chiapas state-government cease this strategy of looting and abandonment toward the indigenous and campesino communities of the state, and that they instead attend to our demands and needs: a just price for electricity in accordance with the poverty of our people, quality healthcare and education, dignified infrastructure (homes, works, and roads), support for coffee-growers, projects and programs of support for the countryside to help women and men of indigenous communities, respect for our rights–ejidal, communal, and indigenous–cessation of the strategy of division and confrontation among communities as promoted by the FANAR (previously PROCEDE) that is being promoted above all by the agrarian governmental agency.”

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