Guerrero: harassment by soldiers and police denounced in communities of Costa Chica

February 5, 2014

Policías comunitarias (@cgtChiapas)

Communal police (@cgtChiapas)

In a public communique released on 28 January, civil human-rights organizations and parishes denounced that “one year after the communities and peoples of the Costa Chica and central regions of the state of Guerrero organized themselves to re-establish security and peace in their communities, they now face harassment, intimidation, and abuse of authority on the part of the Mexican Army and the federal and state police.”

They affirmed that “in just one day 7 military checkpoints were installed” beyond those already existing, and these “military checkpoints are not allowing the movement of civilians either by automobile or foot from one community to the other; military vehicles and tanks threaten the people by aiming directly at them.”

The organizations noted that “the point of the federal security forces should not be to harass the communities that adhere to the Citizens’ System for Security and Justice.  In acting this way, the Army is failing to observe its function of defending the integrity, independence, and sovereignty of the country” and they demanded that the Army and the federal and state police respect the human rights and integrity of the people, including their right to free movement, self-determination, and peaceful association.

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Guerrero: Emergence of new guerrilla group

December 8, 2013

Guerrilleros de las FAR-LP. Foto @Excelsior

Guerrillas from the FAR-LP. Photo @Excelsior

“The return to armed struggle is essential: if now you are quiet, that you be heard among the people and in the cities, on the coasts and through the valleys, on the pathways of the south and throughout the world,” said the new guerrilla group Revolutionary Armed Forces-Liberation of the People (FAR-LP) on 2 December, when it announced its public presence to the world from Guerrero.

The new insurgent group calls for armed struggle in light of the violence and repression exercised by the federal and state governments against the social movement and the imposition of reforms that violate the rights and interests of society.  “What more should we expect from these governments, than that they will annihilate us?  The war against the people as a State policy has resulted in a repressive offensive based in its counter-insurgent bias against social activists, popular organizations, human-rights defenders, journalists, communal leaders, women’s rights activists, student representatives, and all those who raise their voices in defense of the people become the enemy of the State.”

The FAR-LP affirms having a presence in the Guerrero regions of the Mountain, Costa Chica, and Acapulco.

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Guerrero: Release of 6 members of Communal Police who were detained on 6 May

May 17, 2013


Meeting in San Luis Acatlán, 17 February 2013. Photo @SIPAZ

Members of the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities (CRAC) were released after having paid bail of 62,000 pesos, as reports Vidulfo Rosales, defense counsel and representative of the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights.  He explained that six communal police had been released after having been arrested for 24 hours in Acapulco by the Subdelegate of the Federal Attorney General’s Office (PGR) for the crime of carrying firearms.  Raúl de Jesús, coordinator of the Communal Police in San Luis Acatlán, declared to the media that the crime was of carrying firearms of 9mm caliber, which are supposedly used for defense, taken from arrested persons.


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Guerrero: Communal Police expresses itself in light of situation in the Montaña and Costa Chica

February 26, 2013

Policías comunitarias, agosto de 2012 (@La Voz del Anahuac)

On 13 February, in the offices of CENCOS in Mexico City, the word of the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities-Communal Police (CRAC-PC) was shared with regards to the situations experienced in the Montaña and Costa Chica regions of Guerrero.  The communique mentions  the agreements that have been reached following a dialogue between the communal and agrarian authorities as well as the communal police and residents in general, together with a commission of protesting authorities, which had occupied the CRAC’s House of Justice in San Luis Acatán.

  1. The CRAC will recover the House of Justice and the protestors will allow for the development of the activities in a normal fashion, without obstructing any activities.
  2. The municipal commissars of the CRAC communities, jointly with a commission of authorities of the protestors, will lead the call for a new regional assembly, to be held on 23 February, in the auditorium of the San Isidro neighborhood in San Luis Acatlán.
  3. Due to that which has occurred in some communities where the order was given to arrest coordinators and regional commanders, it has been agreed that the municipal commissars should immediately suspend arrest-orders.
  4. The representatives of both sides agree not to offend each other, attack each other, or take revenge against the coordinators and regional commanders, nor against the commission of protestors in the House of Justice.
  5. The call for the Regional Assembly for 23 February will be signed and distributed by the representatives of both parties.
  6. The regional assembly of 23 February will be for the exit of the coordinators and regional commanders, as well as for the nomination and/or ratification of the new regional coordinators and commanders in the four communal houses of justice (San Luis Acatlán, Espino Blanco, Zitlaltepec, and El Paraíso).

For more information (in Spanish):

Boletín de prensa: Policia Comunitaria de Guerrero da postura ante la situación en la Montaña y Costa Chica y la actual ofensiva por autoridades estatales (CRAC-PC, 13 de febrero de 2013)

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Guerrero: Thirteenth Anniversay of the Community Police

October 20, 2008

On October 14 and 15, the community police of the Costa Chica and the Montaña regions of Guerrero celebrated its thirteenth anniversary in the community of Tilapa, municipality of Malinaltepec. The community police began in 1995 in 8 communities in 2 different municipalities. Today they maintain a presence in 72 communities in 10 municipalities.

According to Martín Candia Galindo, one of the founders of the community police, “In territories under the influence of the community police there are no drug traffickers or any drug cartels present; our youth are free of that terrible [presence].” The Regional Council of Community Authorities (CRAC Consejo Regional de Autoridades Comunitarias) has achieved this success despite the fact that they do not have access to many resources, their members do not receive a salary and according to the denunciations they have made on more than one occasion, the government continues to harass the community police in an attempt to disqualify their work.

In addition to being an autonomous movement in implementing justice, the CRAC insists that their social project is one that encompasses many facets of daily life in the Costa Chica and Montaña regions of Guerrero. Among other things they have started plans for a community radio station and as of last year they have initiated the University of the Peoples of the South (Universidad de los Pueblos del Sur), a project that continues to grow.

During the anniversary, the CRAC put forward several themes for discussion including: the increasing insecurity of the nation, the militarization of the country, the lack of legitimacy on the part of official policing systems, the campaign of fear driven by mass media and the criminalization of social movements. Mario Campos, parish priest from the municipality of Xalpatláhuac, in the Montaña Alta added at the opening of the celebrations, “There are alternatives in solving the problems of insecurity related to drug trafficking and assaults. To serve is not a crime; it is for this reason that we ask the officials of the region to support the CRAC.”

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