Chiapas: Ejidatarios from Tila denounce attempt at usurpation

January 21, 2015

Foto @ SIPAZ

Photo @ SIPAZ

On 7 January, the representatives of the Tila ejido, the president of the ejidal commissioner, and the president of the council of vigilance denounced the usurpation of the ejidal authority in their community, accusing Arturo Sánchez, Juan López López, and Evaristo Gutiérrez of naming their own commissioner and having ordered them “to make their seal and […] giving them services, thus presenting these three as though they were the new ejidal authorities.  They have thus made the grave mistake of illegally usurping the ejidal authority that is the general assembly and the ejidal authorities.”

In this way, the ejidatarios affirmed that on 2 September and 22 December 2014, these three persons met “to plan this action, and they have been supported by the Chiapas state government and City Hall” in this.  They also indicated that organized crime is in collusion with the municipal government, in light of the fact that “City Hall has served as refuge for criminals, murderers, and ex-convicts who engage in a power-struggle over the position every three years.”

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September 15, 2014


The ejidatari@s of Tila, adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle, denounced that on 31 August a meeting was held between former ejidal commissioners and a group of approximately 150 others, toward the end of deposing the present ejidal commissioner.

In a communique, the ejidatari@s indicated that the reason for the deposition of the commissioner has to do with the organizers’ position of “not accepting dialogue or coordinating with the City Hall, and renouncing struggle for the land.”  They declared that one of the former commissioners reported “that at the meeting three talks have been had with the agrarian procurator based in Palenque,” and that “they made a deal with the [Tila] City Hall so that when we definitively win our case against City Hall for the land, they would receive money in exchange for land, but they do not realize that the assembly has already rejected the government’s plans to offer 40 million pesos [in exchange for settling the court case].”

The ejidatari@s continued: “We publicly denounce the agrarian ministry based in Palenque, Chiapas, and the Subsecretary of Governance in the city of Yajalon who are coordinating with these troublemakers, with the participation of the Tila City Hall, which always hides behind these people and cheers them on.  These groups are mafiosos; with them, the governmental structures works to destabilize the social peace.”  Furthermore, the ejidatari@s recalled that in the Tila ejido “there exists no legal fund and the municipality has no authority over our lands.  The presidency is illegal within the ejido, and only the forms of organization of ejidatarios based on uses and customs should prevail, as supported by the ILO’s Convention 169.”

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