Chiapas: PUDEE denounces harassment and electricity cut-off by CFE

March 24, 2012

cartel del PUDEE @ SIPAZ

In a public denunciation released on 8 March, the organization People United in Defense of Electrical Energy (PUDEE) warned of harassment and electricity cut-offs directed toward members of its organization in several communities.  With presence in the Sabanilla, Salto de Agua, Tila, and Yajalón municipalities, the adherents to Other Campaign reported that on 8 March, personnel from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), accompanied by the rural agent, cut off electricity to the 25 families organized with PUDEE in the Jol-Ako community, in the zone below the Tila municipality.  Furthermore, they threatened to install digital meters, which the communities in resistance reject, a situation that has been seen since the beginning of the year also in Nicolás Bravo, Belisario Domínguez, Jolnopa Guadalupe, and Cantioc, from the same municipality.  In the denunciation, they also reported that PUDEE members have been harassed by members of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), whom they indicate as being members of the “Paz y Justicia” paramilitary group.  It should be remembered that members of this organization have been investigated for their presumed responsibility for murders and forced disappearances during the years 1996-2011.

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Oaxaca: Testimony of COPUDEVER shared in Costa Rica

October 7, 2011

Photo @ EDUCA

During the VI Mesoamerican Forum for water, rivers, nature, and life in Pacuaré, Costa Rica, Oaxaca participated with a delegation from the Council of Peoples United in Defense of the Río Verde (COPUDEVER) to exchange experiences of resistance processes initiated since 2007 against the hydroelectric dam Paso de la Reyna, where the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is planning and promoting an enormous dam.  These are some of the testimonies they shared at the forum.

“If the dam is carried through, it will have immense, destructive impacts for communities and nature surrounding the project.  There is a high risk that all the territory of the Paso de la Reyna ejido will disappear, inundating by an immense artificial lake.  The hydroelectric project would affect 42 communities in six municipalities, with around 17,000 residents directly affected,” mentions the report by Jonathan Treat.

In an interview on 28 October 2010, Camilo Jiménez Tapia declares that “our life comes from the river.  In the river there are many fishes […] but now there are fewer because they built a dam downstream.  We do not want to pollute the water and the dam that they are promoting would contaminate the river, as did the previous dam,” she said, in reference to the Flores Magón dam constructed in the municipality of Tututepec.  “We are obligated to resist, to care for the river, this Earth, and our people.  They [the CFE] are not the owners.  We are the owners.  For the people the dam is a danger.  For this reason we are here, caring for it.”

Referring to the highway sit-in, Faustino Heras León notes in an interview that “this territory we have maintained so that our children and grandchildren continue living in peace.  The land and water are life for us, and we do not accept the project.  We began this struggle on 11 July 2009, and on no day have we opened for negotiations.”

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COPUDEVER comparte testimonio de su lucha en foro de Costa Rica, EDUCA, 26 September 2011

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VI Mesoamerican Forum of the Latin America Network against dams in Pacuaré, Costa Rica, 27 September 2011

Oaxaca: Hydroelectric Dam Project “Paso de la Reina”

October 3, 2008

Since 1966, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE, Comisión Federal de Electricidad) has performed numerous studies on the main riverbed of the Río Verde – located in the Sierra Sur and the coast of Oaxaca- in order to discover the hydrological, geological, environmental, and social qualities of the region, as well as potential hydroelectric possibilities for this important region of the country.

Since the middle of February 2006, the CFE has been visiting communities in this region and presenting a project named “Hydraulic Project- Paso de la Reina”.

This dam would have a 195 meter long curtain of water and would directly affect 3100 hectares in 6 municipalities and 15 communities on the coast of Oaxaca. These communities are made up of indigenous people from the Mixteca and Chatina peoples, as well as afro-mestiza groups.

The Council of United Peoples for the Defense of the Río Verde (COPUDEVER, El Consejo de Pueblos Unidos por la Defensa del Río Verde) was formed on June 9th, 2007, in San José del Progreso Tututepec, which is located close to the Ricardo Flores Magón dam. This council is made up of members of the communities of Tataltepec de Valdés, and Santiago Ixtayutla, and their principal objective is to defend their land, water, and natural resources [Source: El Topil].

On September 18th, 2008, SIPAZ interviewed a member of the COPUDEVER (Video interview below in Spanish).

For More Information (In Spanish):

“El Topil” (EDUCA, August 2008) – Magazine discussing large government projects in Oaxaca

Declaration of the IV Forum for the Defense of Water and Land and for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (San Pedro Tututepec, Oaxaca, 18/05/2008)