Guerrero: 15th Anniversary of the CDHM Tlachinollan

July 16, 2009


In spite of the grave incidents the past few months, such as the mourning of the death of the two human rights advocates of Guerrero in February, and of the fear felt by many locals of repeated kidnappings and harassments, the Human Rights Center of the Montaña Tlachinollan (CDHM Tlachinollan) in their 15th anniversary, organized the forum “Defenders: Among Pain and Hope” from July 26th through the 27th where over 250 people of various local, national, and international organizations and communities attended.

On Friday morning, the panel “Defenders of the Communities in Guerrero” highlighted the extreme seriousness of the situation for human rights advocates in the state of Guerrero, with presentations of current cases and older cases that remain unresolved. In the evening, national allies presented a broader analysis of the panorama and confirmed the criminalization of the “defenders of human rights”. On Saturday there were workshops about mechanisms of urgent action against violations of human rights in Guerrero and throughout Mexico.

The forum, which presented the immense pain and anger as well as the determination and hope of human rights advocates, concluded with a thank you event at the Cathedral of Tlapa as well as a beautiful closing event where everyone acknowledged the work and dedication of the people of Tlachinollan and other communities throughout Guerrero.

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