Chiapas: La Garrucha Good-Government Council (JBG) denounces two paramilitary attacks

May 17, 2015

(@Centro de Medios Libres)

(@Centro de Medios Libres)

On 11 May, the La Garrucha Good-Government Council (JBG) from Caracol III publicly denounced two attacks: one in the El Rosario community, on recovered lands belonging to the autonomous municipality of San Manuel, and the other in the Nuevo Paraíso community, which pertains to the Francisco Villa autonomous municipality.  According to the JBG, there are two paramilitary groups in the region: one made up of 21 people from El Rosario, and the other comprised of 28 individuals from the Chikinival neighborhood, which pertains to the Pojkol ejido, in the Chilón municipality of Chiapas state.

The acts described in the denunciation took place on 10 May, when the Chikinival group arrived to El Rosario and began to measure the recovered lands of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), where Zapatista support-bases (BAEZLN) also live.  Two paramilitaries entered the house of one Zapatista, and another fired on the Zapatista daughter when she tried to escape the home.  The father of the child then threw a stone at the aggressor, causing him head injuries.  The next day, the family of the injured attacker came to demand 7,000 pesos from the BAEZLN as compensation.  The JBG assures that this amount will not be provided, given that the Zapatista did not seek or initiate the violence.

It bears noting that in 2014, residents of the Pojkol ejido killed a stud bull belonging to a Zapatista, destroyed homes and a cooperative, robbed possessions, fumigated land with herbicides, opened fire intermittently, and left a written note among the burned domiciles: “Pojkol territory.”

Also on 10 May 2015, 16 people from Chikinival entered the Nuevo Paraíso community, armed with two pistols and a rifle.  “They came to leave a letter in the street which blames the Zapatista support-base comrades for having provoked these conflicts,” says the JBG.  Beyond this, the JBG adds that in this case it has initiated mediation, deciding to transfer 21 hectares to put an end to the threats, though this has not yet resolved the problem.  The authorities from the Pojkol ejido claim to oppose this group from Chikinival, given its lack of respect and obedience for the ejidal authorities.

These two incidents took place the day after the close of the seminar on “Critical Thought amidst the Capitalist Hydra,” which was organized by the EZLN and held from 3 to 9 May in CIDECI-Unitierra Las Casas, where academics and activists shared their thoughts and reflections regarding the present context and alternatives to the capitalist system.

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Chiapas: Increase in conflicts?

January 13, 2009

Caracol of Morelia

During the days before, during, and after the Festival of Justified Rage which was celebrated in the caracol of Oventik and later in CIDECI- University of the Earth in San Cristtobal de las Casas, a number of disturbing conflicts have arisen between various social organizations and support bases of the EZLN. According to a communiqué (on Jan. 7) from the Good Government Council of the Caracol of Morelia, there have recently been a number of problems with members of ORCAO (Regional Organization of Coffee-growers of Ocosingo) regarding a piece of land near the community of Bosque Bonito close to Cuxuljá. On January 9, 2009 more than 300 members of ORCAO gathered in the caracol of Morelia to discuss the possession of the land Chijtal, which was retaken by Zapatista members in 1994 in the autonomous region Che Guevara in the municipality Lucio Cabañas, but was also claimed by members of ORCAO. The problem was not resolved because of the tension between the two groups and the ORCAO was denounced for threatening to invade the caracol of Morelia. The group of the ORCAO left after the arrival of hundreds of Zapatista support bases from nearby communities.

The good government council also denounced the alleged evictions of Zapatista support bases from the hot springs of Agua Clara in the Autonomous Municipality Comandanta Ramona (communiqué on Jan. 8). A number of days earlier, on January 1, in communiqué from the caracol of Roberto Barrios, the good government council denied a supposed confrontation between Zapatista support bases and members of the CUT (Central Collective of Workers) in the ejido EL Desierto, close to Palanque. According the communiqué, in that region there are no support bases.

On the other hand, state and national newspapers have reported frequent confrontations between support bases and other organizations and individuals, which we have not been able to confirm or prove. One of the these reports is of a confrontation between support bases and members of the ARIC Independent (Rural Association of Collective Interests) which left 15 people wounded. Another report suggests the kidnapping on the part of Zapatista support bases of 2 construction workers who were working on paving a planned highway from San José El Contento to San Marcos, part of a statewide highway project being carried out in Chiapas. In the communiqué on January 8 from the good government council of Morelia, it was mentioned that there had been disagreement with the company that is carrying out the construction of the new highway which passes by the entrance to Patria Nueva and San Marcos, but it does not mention the kidnapping.

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Chiapas: Good Government Committee of Oventic denounces a number of aggressions carried out by PRI members against members of the autonomous municipality of Polho

November 3, 2008

On October 29, the Good Government Committee (JBG, Junta de Buen Gobierno) of Oventic, of the Highlands of Chiapas, denounced through a communiqué a number of aggressions against members of the Zapatista autonomous municipality of San Pedro Polho. It deals principally with aggressions that occurred in the last two months: shots, the sale of high caliber arms, the movement of armed persons in a number of communities in the municipality of Chenalhó. According to the communique these actions occurred with the support of the municipal government and the army.

The communique also states: “As Good Government Committee, we strongly condemn the violent and irrational actions of the bad government carried out through its paramilitaries, its community authorities, as well as its municipal, state, and federal authorities.”

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