Guerrero: Arrest of María de la Cruz Dorantes, CECOP member

October 25, 2014

La Parota, Guerrero (@Desinformemonos)

La Parota, Guerrero (@Desinformemonos)

On 6 October, María de la Cruz Dorantes Zamora, member of the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to the La Parota Dam (CECOP), was arrested on the charge of qualified robbery following the denunciation submitted by Humberto Marín Molina, owner of the gravel-company Kimbar.  Marín Molina alleges that he lost 6 million pesos because of Dorantes Zamora, who was arrested while returning from chemotherapy for the cancer she has.  She denies the accusations against her and assures that she was visiting different communities on the days during which the robbery is supposed to have taken place.

The charge of qualified robbery is also one of the five charges presented against CECOP spokesperson Marco Antonio Suástegui Muñoz, who was arrested in June and is currently being held in Tepic federal prison in Nayarit state.

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Chiapas: Threat to displace residents of Bachajón

November 14, 2013


Residents and ejidal authorities of San Sebastián Bachajón who adhere to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle have denounced threats of displacement resulting from a dispute over a gravel supply in the Nah Chawuk community, which previously had been used “for the good of the people”; now it is desired as the sole property of an officialist group from the same ejido.  The Tseltal indigenous people have accused the ejidal commissioner, Alejandro Moreno Gómez, and the head of the Security Council, Samuel Díaz Guzmán, of leading the antagonistic group to engage in the “violent displacement at any time of our gravel supply.”  In accordance with the 3 November denunciation, the officialist group seeks to involve the government in the displacement operation of Zapatista sympathizers, “claiming that the gravel supply which is already controlled by the bad government, but these are pure lies of the official ejidal authorities: to date the police has not even arrived.”

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