Guerrero: The Communal Police joins the fight for the defense of education

April 15, 2013


Photo @SIPAZ

On 8 April, members of the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities (CRAC) from the Tixtla municipality entered Chilpancingo following a march from their communities, to demand the release of the second commander of El Troncón, Nahum Santos Bartolo. The protestors included 41 communal police from Acatempa, Tecocintla, Zacazonapa, and El Troncón, which are communities that have recently joined the CRAC; they answer to the House of Justice in El Paraíso, which pertains to Ayutla.  The reason for this protest was to call for the return of the second in command.  Once he was freed, the CRAC joined another cause: the demand for the liberation of the teacher from Chilapa, Mario Durán Torres, who was arrested by federal police during the operation to displace the occupation of the Sol highway on 5 April.  Torres has been accused of assaulting 8 federal police officers.  In downtown Chilpancingo, the communal police marched alongside teachers.In assembly on 6 April, the CRAC decided to join the demands of the teachers in Guerrero to demand free education.  In a bulletin, they mention that “Our communal institution makes its demands with the teachers of Guerrero who are mobilizing themselves […].  The deputies should take into account teachers’ proposals for inclusion within the law on education in Guerrero, given that it is precisely the teachers who know about education.”

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