Chiapas: Close of Indigenous and Campesina Women’s Forum

February 5, 2014


From 24 to 26 January there was held in San Cristóbal de Las Casas the Intercultural National Forum for Indigenous, Campesina, and Afro-Mestiza women, which included the participation of 30 organizations from 8 states that work on women’s rights and the right to lives free of violence.  The goal of the forum was to “share experiences with other female comrades from different states of Mexico, to meet and reflect on the violence that we experience as indigenous and campesina women,” affirmed the organizations in a communique which preceded the event.

In a press conference, the organizations noted that “violence has been institutionalized in the country with the increase in femicides, the lack of access to health care, education, free sexuality, food sovereignty, and due to the implementation of welfare programs that instead of acknowledging women as subjects of rights treat the as objects of dependence, impoverishment, and psychological and communal violence.”  In this way, they added that they advanced toward the creation of a National Network of Women against Violence.

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