Chiapas: in observation of International Peace Day

September 27, 2011

Peace is not a gift that will arrive because we want it

Peace is not an order that is imposed by force
Peace is not negotiation with the destroyed enemy
Peace is not a dream that is impossible
We build peace by creating spaces for peace.

On 21 September Coreco (Commission of Support for Communal Unity and Reconciliation, A.C.), a member of the Chiapas Peace Network, celebrated its XV anniversary.  In an event celebrated in the city of San Cristóbal de Las Casas was presented a book written by Felipe Toussaint Loera (1957-2011), Commission of Support for Communal unity and Reconciliation, Positive Transformation of Conflicts in communities and organizations in Chiapas and Peace work 1996-2005.  Felipe Toussaint was part of the founding group of Coreco and coordinated this organization from 2002 to 2011.  Members of the present team of Coreco also shared the trajectory fo the organization during these last 15 years in Chiapas.

In observation of International Day for Peace, another member of the Chiapas Peace Netowrk, Serapazs (Services and Assessment for Peace, a civil Mexican organization dedicated for the past 15 years to the positive mediation and transofmraiton of conflicts) published a document in which it shares its concern for the situation of increasing conflictivity that has gripped the country, highlighting the classification by the Global Index of Peace, shared in these days by the Institute for Economy and Peace, on which Mexico is listed as 121 among 153 countries.  Serapaz stresses this in a communiqué: “The results of the Global Index of Peace reinforce our vision that the Mexican government not only goes on a mistaken path by implementing a war strategy to combat organized crime.  It also demonstrates its incapacity to orient social conflict toward processes of dialogue and mediation that tend to evade repressive ends and to recognize the peoples, organizations, and communities as legitimate interlocutors.  The information recently reported that this government has approved 73 new mining projects this year is worrying, as it suggests an increase in conflictivity […].  Regardless, in this context, as SERAPAZ we would like to manifest that we find in the development of our work of facilitation, mediation, negotiation, formation, articulation, and strengthening of social actors a large and inspiring gamut of experiences and organizational collectivities that are building Peace by means of alternatives to the models and life conditions of their communities.  Amidst the darkness, we find enriching signs and true sources of hope.”

For more information (in Spanish):


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