CHIAPAS: jTatic Samuel janan Lum 2018 recognition is awarded

March 6, 2018


On January 25th, the jTatic Samuel Jcanan Lum 2018 Recognition ceremony was held at the Samuel Ruiz Memorial Hall of the Institute of Intercultural Studies and Research (Inesin) in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. The event was presided over by Mons, Raúl Vera López, Honorary Chairman of the Convening Committee.

“The Jcanan Lum recognition is a concrete way to encourage the different efforts and paths of liberation that the indigenous peoples and the poor have taken on as protagonists of their own history”, used to say Samuel Ruiz García

This recognition seeks to disseminate and encourage the work of women and men, organizations and collectives that have been characterized by their contribution to the people in the creation of community and / or regional alternatives, as well as their work aimed at building unity and social transformation through peaceful ways.

The jury, which met in November 2017, decided unanimously to deliver the 2018 edition of this recognition to:
-Vidulfo Rosales Sierra, lawyer and defender of human rights, member of the Mountain Human Rights Center, Tlachinollan, Guerrero, for his defense of human rights, walking among indigenous peoples, peasants and relatives of the disappeared who fight for justice in the mountain of Guerrero. This option has led him to be persecuted and threatened with death. He is a protagonist of the history of our country.
The Committee for the Promotion and Defense of Life Samuel Ruíz, Chicomuselo, Chiapas. Made up of men and women who take their inspiration from jTatic Samuel. They defend and protect the territory against extractive projects that attempt against the life of the mother earth and the organized peoples in the southern border of Mexico.

It is worth remembering that this recognition is given since 2010, making it coincide with the anniversary of the episcopal ordination of D. Samuel Ruíz García as Bishop of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

For more information (in Spanish):

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Chiapas: Awarding of Jtatic Samuel Jcanan Lum Recognition

February 3, 2014

(@koman ilel)

(@koman ilel)

On 21 January 2014, the jTatic Samuel, jCanan Lum Award was given to the Migrants House, the House of the Wandering jTatic Samuel Ruiz García of Pakal-na, based in Palenque, Chiapas; to Fray Tomás Gonzales Castillo, responsible for the “72” Migrant Home in Tenosique, Tabasco; and to the Ecumenical Group of Organic Agriculture belonging to Pablo L. Sidar, from Chicomuselo, Chiapas.

The nomination of the jCanan Lum (a term that in Tseltal signifies caretaker of the people and land) is a charge that Samuel Ruiz García, bishop of the San Cristóbal diocese, received in Amatenango del Valle from the Ch’ol, Tojolabal, Tseltal, Tsotsil, and Zoque people in 1999.  The award now recognizes work in favor of the people and Earth as taken on by individuals, groups, and peoples.

This year, the award committee was led by the bishop of Saltillo, Raúl Vera López, and by Professor Alberto Patishtán, who received this recognition from the bishop himself in 2010, while he was incarcerated.

For more information (in Spanish):

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Chiapas: First anniversary of the death of Bishop Samuel Ruiz García; third award of the Jtatik Samuel jCanan Lum recognition (2012)

February 8, 2012

@ SIPAZOn 24 January was the one-year anniversary of the death of the bishop emeritus of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Don Samuel Ruíz García, known as Jtatik (father, in Tseltal) by indigenous peoples, those to whom he dedicates his life and work for 40 years as leader of the San Cristóbal diocese.

Days before the anniversary there were held various activities in observation of the date, such as the anniversary of his ordination as bishop on 25 January.  A service ended with an ecumenical act on 24 January, after Bishop Raúl Vera López celebrated a mass in the San Cristóbal cathedral.  Anotehr was held on the 25th in the presence of hundreds of believers (including a strong presence of Tzotzil, Tseltal, Ch’ol, and Tojolabal indigenous persons), priests from 42 municipalities, the bishops of San Cristóbal, Feliipe Arizmendi Esquivel and Enrique Díaz Díaz, as well as Raúl Vera López, present bishop of Saltillo, Coahuila.

Gonzalo Ituarte, a Dominican priest and at one point the Vicar of Justice and Peace for Don Samuel Ruiz García, expressed that “Your face, dear friend, of shepherd and bishop, continues among us.  After a year we are newly together with you, to celebrate the gift of your service, to renew your reconversion, and to celebrate your person.”

During the afternoon of 25 January was awarded the jTatic Samuel jCanan Lum recognition (Our Father Samuel, Protector of the Peoples) to three communities and collectives from Chiapas that have demonstrated their service and trajectory “in their liberatory work for the true causes of the people.”  The first group was the coordinators of the so-called “Meetings of Builders of Peace and Reconciliation,” comprised of men and women–among them lay persons, Christians, and Catholics–who support and develop positive resolutions of conflict, dialogue, reconciliation, and peace in the indigenous regions of Chiapas.  The second recognition was granted to the Ejido Nuevo Tila, located in the municipality of Tila, which is constituted in its majority by indigenous Ch’ol individuals.  They were recognized “for their work for over thirty years in defense of their land, for their participation in communal actions to conserve the land, for their election of authorities and encouragement of the participation of women.  They have met with harassment and incarceration for their expressions of solidarity with displaced families in the community Viejo Velasco Suárez, as well as other communities in the region.”  The third award was given to the Mission of the Saintly Trinity, known as Mission Arena, from the Palenque municipality.  “They are women and men (secular and religious) who work from inside indigenous and campesino communities in the jungle.”

The last recognition was given posthumously to Felipe Toussaint Loera, ex-Vicar General of the San Cristóbal diocese, collaborator with Don Samuel, and founder of Coreco.

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Palabra de Alberto Patishtán en la entrega del jCanan Lum 2012.

(Comunicado)En memoria de Don Samuel Ruiz García, EPR-PDPR, 25 January 2012

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Chiapas: National and international support for Patishtán and the prisoners fasting and on hunger strike

October 28, 2011


Following 27 days of fasting and hunger strike, the prisoners “now feel weakness and exhaustion, experiencing dizziness and shock,” reported Pedro López Jiménez, a new spokesperson for said prisoners who find themselves in the prisons of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Cintalapa, and Motozintla on Tuesday 25 October.

Several national and international movements and organizations have supported the cause of these prisoners as well as of their ex-spokesperson, Alberto Patishtán, who was transferred to the federal prison no. 8 in Guasave, Sinaloa, more than 2000 kilometers in distance from his place of origin last week.  During these days also have been held protest-actions in France, Spain, the UK, and in front of the representation of the Chiapas state government in Mexico City.

On 25 October, the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity made public a letter directed to Alberto Patishtán: “Today we demand not only his rapid return to the prison in San Cristóbal de Las Casas but also his release as well as that of the 10 indigenous incarcerated persons who are carrying out a hunger strike in addition to the protection of those fasting in solidarity with them who find themselves in the atrium of the cathedral of San Cristóbal de Las Casas.  The imprisonment of Patishtán Gómez, his sentencing, and transfer from the south to the north of the country, as though he were a criminal of highest danger, is clear evidence of the fallacy of justice we live and that demands our greatest energies to rebuild the country and create the justice we need.”

The same day, civil-society organizations that organized the Jtatic Samuel Jcanan Lum Award, which Alberto Patishtán received in 2010 due to his work in favor of human rights within prisons, also published a letter in which they affirm that they “manifest our solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike […], as well as with their relatives who find themselves in an indefinite sit-in in the Cathedral Plaza in city of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico.  […] We reaffirm our commitment to the persons, collectives, and communities that have received the jTatic Samuel jCanan Lum Award; we support Professor Alberto Patishtán in his struggle for liberty and justice; and we call on authorities from the Mexican State to assure the return of Professor Alberto Patishtán post-haste to the detention center closest to his family, as is demanded by international human-rights law.”

Last week, Amnesty International (AI) also demanded Patishtán’s return to the state and made a call on the authorities to carry out a “complete review” of the evidence in the cases of the indigenous prisoners who have since 29 September been on hunger strike.  AI expressed its concern for the transfer of Patishtán Gómez to Guasave, considering that this amounts to “revenge” against the professor for his “active role in the hunger strike and in the struggle for the respect of the human rights of prisoners.”

For its part, the State Council on Human Rights (CEDH) has requested that the federal Secretary of Public Security carry out the necessary actions for Patishtán’s return to Chiapas, in light of the fact that his transfer constitues a serious human-rights violation.  As they say, “this is evidence of a flagrant violation of article 69 of the Federal Law on the Execution of Penal Sanctions, which stipulates that the transfer of the imprisoned should take account of the constitutional imperative to protect the organization and development of the family.”

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Chiapas: presentation of the jTatic Samuel jCanan Lum Award during the assembly of the Believing People

March 7, 2011

On 22 February 2011, several organizations that coordinate the jTatic Samuel jCanan Lum Award presented said award to the plenary during the Assembly of the Believing People, a representation that received the award during the presentation-ceremony held in San Cristóbal de Las Casas in January 2011.

Notably, in a manner close to that called for by the award, the objective of the assembly on this occasion was to “continue to remember and share the memory of jTatic to care for the life of our people, as believers, from the spirit of jTatic Samuel, and with the example of Jesus.”

We were present at the plenary at which the work-groups that were distributed according to the zones that form the San Cristóbal de Las Casas diocese shared their words with respect to “how their hearts are, and how the hearts are in their communities” following the death of Don Samuel.  The comments signaled both sadness for his departure and the necessity of continuing to work for peace, justice, and the poor, with the conviction that “the spirit of Don Samuel continues with us.”

The Believing People received the jTatic Samuel jCanan Lum Award with joy and a commitment that motivates them to continue being “collaborators with the search for a new dignified life for the people.” They affirmed that they “commit [themselves] to carry forward the care-taking of our peoples as well as of our Mother Earth.  This is the task we set for ourselves as Believing People so as to continue with our mission to transform all the signs of death into signs of life […]. Don Samuel oriented us, raised us, and continues to inspire us to carry forward with this award.  Our work often meets with pain and misunderstanding, but also with the profound hope to live to see new lands and new skies.  When we began we did not know how to walk.  Now we know some, but much remains to be walked.”

Before watching a video on the life of Don Samuel, the presentation of the award closed with two minutes of silence during which everyone present could “listen to and speak with Don Samuel,” according to the expression of a member of the Believing People.

For more information (in Spanish):

Memoria Viva 01 jtatic Samuel (informative bulletin distributed among the Believing People, February 2011)

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Chiapas: Presentation of the jTatic Samuel jCanan Lum Award to the Coordination of Indigenous Social Organizations XI’NICH

February 25, 2011

On Saturday 19 February, in the community of Limonar, municipality of Ocosingo, there was celebrated the presentation of the jTatic Samuel jCanan Lum Award to the Coordiantion of Indigenous Social Organizations Xi’nich.  The event was attended by around 80 representatives of 25 communities and of 5 visiting organizations.  The selection committee, comprised of members of several civil organizations from Chiapas and the individuals and organizations who received the award last year, decided to present the award this year to Xi’nich, among others, for its long-standing peaceful defense of the land and the rights of indigenous communities of Chiapas’ northern zone and jungle zone.

The event began at night on Friday 18 February with the showing of several videos regarding the work of Xi’nich, the life and burial of Don Samuel Ruiz, and the presentation of the jCanan Lum Award to all those recognized this year in San Cristóbal de Las Casas on 26 January, after the celebration of the burial of Don Samuel.  The presentation of the award, which took place on Saturday, began with the presentation of the organizations of the jCanan Lum commission that were present: Social Economic Development of Indigenous Mexicans (DESMI), Commission of Support for Communal Unity and Reconciliation (CORECO), Service and Assessment for Peace (SERAPAZ), and SIPAZ.  Later, youth from different communities put on a theater-work prepared with the assistance of L@s Zapay@s, a collective of critical clowns who dedicate their work to the political education of children by means of theater.  The work emphasized labor exploitation and discrimination against campesin@s and the indigenous with regard to migration to cities.  By means of theater, the youth defended the importance of the traditions and ways of life of indigenous communities.

The jTatic Samuel jCanan Lum Award was received by Margarita Parcero Álvarez and Miguel Martínez Gutiérrez, both of whom are members of the coordination of Xi’nich.  Miguel Martínez thanked the jCanan Lum commission for having bestowed the award on Xi’nich in the name of all the members of the organization.  Another member of the organization specifically invited the youth of the communities to participate in the activities promoted by the organization, so as to assure that its processes continue on into the future.  Similarly, coordinator Magdalena González Velasco requested that the youth join the struggle of Xi’nich, mentioning that “hopefully the youth will continue developing its consciousness so as to continue struggling.” She also stressed that the path of Xi’nich had been difficult especially for women, but that they continue to struggle, although they be but few.

A representative of Xi’nich read a text regarding the trajectory of the organization and what Don Samuel Ruiz had meant for them.  “… And thus was born Xi’nich in the year 1992, by walking 1100 kilometers to the city of Mexico.  Before embarking on that journey, jTatic Samuel gave us his blessing and lent us his hat to make the first collection with which we began to walk.  From then, jTatic Samuel was our jCanan Lum: the caretaker of the People.” Father Xel (Jerónimo Hernández), priest of the area, made a call to all to take on the role of defender of the land, given the death of jTatic Samuel: “it is not only jTatic Samuel that is jCanan Lum but all of us together who must defend the land.” Similarly, the Xi’nich text regarding its trajectory emphasizes this responsibility to defend the people: “Upon receiving this grand embrace of solidarity, this recognition as members, as part of the great work of jTatic Samuel, Canan Lum, we recognize our great responsibility: to love, care for, serve, and defend our peoples and communities and to make ourselves brothers of all those who would struggle for a world that is more just, more human, and truer.”

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Chiapas: celebration and presentation of the 2011 jTatic Samuel jCanan Lum Award

January 31, 2011

On 26 February, different organizations inspired and influenced by the work of Don Samuel Ruiz García, the bishop emeritus of San Cristóbal de Las Casas who died on 24 January in Mexico City, presented the Jtatic Samuel Jcanan Lum 2011 Award to six organizations and social processes that according to the findings of the awarding committee merited this recognition for their work and commitment to the defense of human rights and reconciliation.

Within a context marked by the recent death of Don Samuel, who was buried in the cathedral of San Cristóbal on 26 January, the Canan Lum organizing committee and the awarded honored the one that tseltal communities refer to as Jtatic (“our father”) Samuel, who in 1999 was given the charge of Jcanan Lum by tsotsil, tseltal, ch’ol, and tojolabal communities (among others).  The award was meant to signify Ruiz García as caretaker of the land and the people.  Don Raúl Vera, auxiliary bishop of Don Samuel in his final years in the San Cristóbal diocese and current bishop of Saltillo (Coahuila), told those present at the award ceremony that this award and charge was one of the few that held special value for Ruiz. In observation of the event was celebrated a prayer before a Mayan altar as performed by jtatic Vicente, from a tseltal community in the Lacandon jungle.

The award was presented to the Oralia Morales Committee of Human Rights, from the Comalapa Border; Junax Ayotic ta Atel-Chich Center, from the municipality of Chilón; the Coordination of Indigenous Social Organization XI’NICH, with headquarters in Palenque; Doña Regina López Sánchez, coordinator of women and rights-defender from Ocosingo; the community of San Salvador, municipality of Ocosingo; and the coordination of the Believing Community.  The awards committee this year was comprised of the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Center for Human Rights, the Commission of Support for Community Unity and Reconciliation (CORECO), the Diocene Coordination of Women, Economic-Social Development for Indigenous Mexicans (DESMI), the Institute of Intercultural Study and Investigation (INESIN), Professor Alberto Patishtán Gómez, the International Christian Service of Solidarity with the People of Latin America (SICSAL), the International Service for Peace (SIPAZ), Services and Assessment for Peace (SERAPAZ), the Las Abejas Civil Society, and Mayan Indian Ecumenical Theology.

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