Guerrero: 50 arrest warrants against members of CECOP

September 24, 2018


Weeks after the release of members of
the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to the La Parota dam (Cecop), the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities – Community Police (CRAC-PC), and civilians of several villages belonging to the Communal Lands of Cacahuatepec, municipality of Acapulco, a new persecution and unprecedented criminalization has been unleashed against members of the movement, reported the Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center.

According to several newspapers, ministerial police maintained checkpoints at the entrances of the communal lands of Cacahuatepec such as Las Chanecas, San Pedro Cacahuatepec, Las Palmitas, Tasajeras, San Isidro Gallinero and La Concepción ; and with list in hand illegally review all the peasants that come or go. They also reported that more than 80 policemen travel through the villages of San Isidro Gallinero, Parotillas, La Concepcion, Aguas Calientes, Oaxaquillas, Salsipuedes and Amatillo.

Two weeks ago, “ministerial police illegally searched the home of Clemente Cabrera Benítez, a prominent member of CECOP in the community of Tasajeras, and took him away. On September 4, Tomás Cruz Valeriano from the community of Ilamos was arrested in San Isidro Gallinero, both of whom have an arrest warrant for the crime of damages and dispossession resulting from unfounded accusations and fabricated evidence. The Office of the Prosecutor has released more than 50 arrest warrants against the same number of CECOP members, whose crime has been to defend their lands and natural assets such as the Papagayo River, which is irrationally exploited by gravial businessmen. “

On December 12, a delegation of community members from Cecop, CRAC, from the Council of Affected Communities of La Montaña (Ccdm), from the Popular Front of Tlapa (FPT), from the Front of Communities for the Defense of Collective Rights in La Montaña (Frecoddec) and the Tlachinollan Human Rights Center for went to the State Congress where they met with a commission of deputies from Morena. According to La Jornada de Guerrero, they listed several points for urgent resolution, among them the establishment of mechanisms for the prompt release of political prisoners, the immediate expulsion of state forces from the Communal Lands and the cessation of intimidation and harassment of civil organizations.

According to Cuadratin, they also presented a proposal for an initiative to reform the Political Constitution of Guerrero, from articles 8 to 14, regarding indigenous and Afro-Mexican populations so as to guarantee their right to decide and exercise their forms of social, economic and political organization, as well as their own community justice system.

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Guerrero: Attack on CECOP members leaves 5 dead

December 6, 2014


Photo @SIPAZ (archive from 2011)

On Saturday 15 November, members of the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to the La Parota Dam (CECOP) were attacked by armed men.  The assault left five dead and seven women injured in the community of La Concepción.  The communards called this “a planned act” and stressed that they would defend their lands.  “This is a demonstration of how we are prepared to die for our land,” said one of the CECOP leaders at the wake for Celerino García Hernández in La Concepción, who died after being shot by construction workers and neighbors close to the extraction company Kimbar.  The confrontation took place in front of the justice house of the communal police which has been appropriated by opponents to La Parota in the community, resulting in the death of one CECOP member.  The attackers, from La Concepción and Aguacaliente, also lost three to the attack.

One of the CECOP members indicated that the attack was planned with anticipation, for it included four trucks, two of which were stationed just behind the attackers, so as to protect their rear.  This CECOP member emphasized that the church bell was dismantled, such that when communal police and women were to the temple to organize the people, who on that day were celebrating the patron-saint of La Concepción, “the ball was missing, and it could not make sound.”  They later found the ball in the white truck wherein one of the attackers died, the member explained.  According to State Attorney General’s Office of Guerrero, the Special Prosecutorial Office of the State (FGE) began its investigations into the confrontation that very same day, 15 November.

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Guerrero: the State Government pressures to build the La Parota dam

June 12, 2014
March against the La Parota Dam (@International Rivers)

March against the La Parota Dam (@International Rivers)

In a statement, the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to the La Parota Dam (CECOP) reported the increased pressure exerted by the Guerrero state government for the project of the hydroelectric dam La Parota to be built in the basin of the Papagayo river. It mentions that “the State Government seeks at all costs to complete the project, on top of our rights as peasants, on top of our freedom, and including on top of our lives.”

The CECOP stated that many economic interests are at stake in this project and claimed that these are the source of reprisals, arrests, and assaults suffered by the members of the organization due to their opposition to the construction of the dam. However, they affirmed that “this does not deter them to keep fighting; instead, it gives them more strength and reasons to keep up with the social movement.”

They also denounced the attempted manipulation of the media by the state government so that “for the people who don’t live here we may look like we are criminals, when our greatest crime is to defend the land, the water, and the whole environment.”

The statement concluded: “We know it is worth fighting for our rights, and it is our duty as citizens to keep civil society informed of what is going on, for them to take their position, for them to check the information they have access to, for them to investigate. So that, fully knowing what is happening, they can speak out in favor of the environment and justice. Because that’s what we want: to respect the law and the right, but even more justice.”

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Guerrero: EPN announces comprehensive strategy which includes construction of La Parota

December 7, 2013


Photo @ SIPAZ archive

Taking advantage of the tragedies imposed by torrential rains, residents of Cacahuatepec (near Acapulco) have denounced that the government seeks to relaunch the project to construct the La Parota dam and arrest those communal leaders who oppose the plan.  On 7 November, in the salon of the Republic of Guerrero House, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced a comprehensive strategy for the state of Guerrero which will see 30 million pesos invested in three primary axes for next year’s budget.  Among the planned works, Peña Nieto announced the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Papagayo River.  Without mentioning it by name, the president most likely was referring to the La Parota dam, given that there is no other hydroelectric project slated for that river.

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