Chiapas: Those displaced from the Puebla ejido do not find conditions for return

February 3, 2014



On 22 January passed 5 days since the (temporary) return of the displaced indigenous peoples to the Puebla ejido, Chenalhó municipality, but they have confirmed that security conditions for a definitive return are lacking.  The displaced families abandoned the community six months ago due to aggressions and false accusations from the PRI authorities of the ejido.  On 17 January, 14 of the 17 families who have taken refuge in Acteal traveled in caravan to harvest their cafe, as supervised by state and federal officials and accompanied by brigadistas who arrived to meet with the dominant group of the ejido, led by the Evangelical priest and commissioner Agustín Cruz Gómez.

Escorted by state police, Secretary of Governance Enrique Ramírez Aguilar and subsecretaries Mariano Díaz Ochoa (Regional Operations), Belisario Rodríguez (Indigenous Peoples and Culture) and Víctor Hugo Sánchez Zebadúa (Religious Affairs), as well as Francisco Yáñez, a federal official, and a representative from Chenalhó, José Arias Vázquez.  These all met on friendly terms with commissioner Cruz Gómez and other ejidal authorities responsible for the violence, displacements, and looting.  They arrived with 16 agents from the Public Ministry (MP).

A brigadista reported that “effectively, there are damages to the land and houses.  In five of the latter, there have been cuts to water supply, and on the land robbery of firewood and coffee.  The indigenous people have found imprints of horse’s hooves and we have heard that some families have lost all their crops, including pumpkins, squash, and other vegetables.”

For their part, several indigenous organizations (Movement of El Bosque for the Defense of the People, Civil Resistance Force and Light of the People, Particular Executive Agrarian Committee of Chiapas, ex-prisoners from the Voz del Amate, Civil Resistance Santo Tomás, displaced persons from Banavil and Aurora Ermita, the Ricardo Flores Magón Front, and LakLumal Ixim) expressed their “support in solidarity with our displaced siblings.”

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Chiapas: harassment and threats from the CFE directed at organizations resisting high-electricity prices denounced

March 5, 2013


In a communique published on 22 February, the Laklumal Ixim organization (Our People of Maize) denounced the harassment and threats carried out by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) against organizations resisting high-electricity prices in the Tila and Tumbala municipalities (northern Zone of the state of Chiapas).  Laklumal Ixim note that CFE employees have systematically visited those in civil resistance (of indigenous majority) so as to give them documents to pay.The organization denounced that “the CFE threatens to demand penal penalties, if payment is not received for the continued use of electricity […].  In this way they seek to facilitate the robbery of the people and the repression of their struggle for the right to just prices that accord with the conditions of poverty in which the majority of people of Chiapas live.”  Laklumal Ixim affirmed that in a similar sense, female beneficiaries of the “Opportunities” program have been threatened with having their benefits revoked if they did not pay for these bills.The organization noted that more broadly, “communities of the northern jungle regions who pay for their electricity find themselves rather worried about the CFE’s decision to increase electrical energy prices and to suspend subsidies, such that prices have skyrocketed, making payment practically impossible.”Laklumal Ixim stressed moreover that “it is lamentable that the present governor, instead of attending to the enormous structural challenges and social conflicts [in the state], spends his time on tour, celebrating, and promoting his image as a wasteful spender, as though he were in an electoral campaign.  We seriously call on the Chiapas state-government soon to assume its constitutional responsibilities and to observe its promises, such that during this government there comes to be a just price for all those in Chiapas.”

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Chiapas: Indigenous Ch’oles block highway in north of the state

February 7, 2013


Photo @Laklumal Ixim

On 5 February, in observance of the 96th anniversary of the Mexican Constitution, approximately 450 Ch’ol women and men who pertain to the organization Laklumal Ixim (Our People of Maize) initiated a highway blockade on the Yajalón-Tila route so as to demonstrate that nearly two months into the administration of the new state government, “the communities and peoples continue to experience abandonment, misery, and looting.”  In the communique participants denounce that “the ‘National Crusade against hunger’ is a farce that seeks merely to share crumbs to our communities that experience poverty, while our natural resources are handed over to foreign firms for exploitation.  This is all a part of a strategy of counter-insurgency.”  Furthermore, the members of the organization demand “that the Chiapas state-government cease this strategy of looting and abandonment toward the indigenous and campesino communities of the state, and that they instead attend to our demands and needs: a just price for electricity in accordance with the poverty of our people, quality healthcare and education, dignified infrastructure (homes, works, and roads), support for coffee-growers, projects and programs of support for the countryside to help women and men of indigenous communities, respect for our rights–ejidal, communal, and indigenous–cessation of the strategy of division and confrontation among communities as promoted by the FANAR (previously PROCEDE) that is being promoted above all by the agrarian governmental agency.”

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April 13, 2012

On Tuesday 10 April, Ch’ol women and men from communities of the Tila and Tumbalá municipalities who pertain to the organization Laklumal Ixim (Our People of Maize), carried out a highway blockade at the deviation known as Pulpitillo on the route from Yajalón to Tila and Tumbalá, to observe the 93rd anniversary of the murder of General Emiliano Zapata.  By means of a political pronunciation they report that they would like to “show that the struggle for the land and its defense continue being relevant […].  We denounce that with the present governments of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Juan Sabines Guerrero, we indigenous people continue to experience a strategy that seeks to carry out legalized looting of our lands so as to hand them over via megaprojects to large foreign corporations, all of this by means of trickery and lies associated with the programs FANAR, previously PROCEDE-PROCECOM.”

They demand, among other things, that “the Chiapas state government definitively cancel the concessions it has granted to Canadian mining companies, […] the cessation of the strategy of looting of our communal and ejidal lands by means of the Agrarian Ministry through lies and illegal acts taht seek to impose FANAR, previously PROCEDE, […and] a just electricity price in Chiapas.”

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