Chiapas: MRPS announces the creation of a Human Rights committee and march

April 12, 2010

On April 9, 2010 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico,  The MRPS – Popular Resistance Movement of the Southwest – announced the creation of the “Digna Ochoa Human Rights Committee of Chiapas” with presence in the municipalities of Petalcingo and Tumbalá in the northern zone of Chiapas.

They denounced “a climate of persecution and criminalization of priests, social justice workers and human rights defenders” as well as strategies of “persecution, repression and provocation” promoted both by the state government of Chiapas and the federal government of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa with whom they charged “the de facto suspension of constitutional guarantees and human rights of our people and the establishment of a state of emergency“.  Given this panorama of “structural human rights violations” and the urgent need to “strengthen the organizational processes of our communities“, this committee “through community monitors, will be an instrument for documenting and systematizing the violations of our human rights committed by the various state bodies.

In the same press conference, the MRPS announced a march that took place the following day, April 10, 2010, in the township of Tila, with three motives:  “publicly demonstrate [their] rejection of the Support Fund for Agricultural Entities without Regularization” (FANAR in spanish, which they said is the new face of PROCEDE, Program for Ceritification of Ejidal Rights and Titles to Urban Plots) vindicating the rights of the ejidatarios; “claim a fair rate of electricity for Chiapas and maintenance and repair of CFE electrical energy lines in the municipalities of the Northern zone, and the termination of criminalization and persecution of human rights defenders in Chiapas.


Chiapas: Raids at the homes of FNLS members

November 24, 2008

An FNLS banner in San Cristobal de Las Casas [Source: FNLS]

On November 12, 2008, the houses of two members of the National Front for the Fight for Socialism (FNLS, Frente Nacional de Lucha por el Socialismo) were broken into. The house of Yolanda Castro Apreza of the Movement of Popular Resistance of the Southeast (Movimiento de Resistencia Popular del Sureste, MRPS-FNLS) is located in San Cristabal de las Casas while the house of Jaime González González of the Regional Front Against Privatization (Frente Regional Contra las Privitazaciones, FRCP-FNLS) is located in Motozintla.

In the case of Jaime González González, documents of the FNLS and some other valuable items were robbed. Yolanda Castro Apreza found the door of her house open but none of her belongings were taken. According to the FNLS, ‘this eliminates the possibility of a common robbery. Nevertheless taking into account what happened to our comrade in Motozintla, the message of hostility from the government is obvious.”

These events occurred two days after a press conference held by the FNLS in which they criticized the federal and state governments.

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