Chiapas: La Garrucha Good-Government Council (JBG) denounces two paramilitary attacks

May 17, 2015

(@Centro de Medios Libres)

(@Centro de Medios Libres)

On 11 May, the La Garrucha Good-Government Council (JBG) from Caracol III publicly denounced two attacks: one in the El Rosario community, on recovered lands belonging to the autonomous municipality of San Manuel, and the other in the Nuevo Paraíso community, which pertains to the Francisco Villa autonomous municipality.  According to the JBG, there are two paramilitary groups in the region: one made up of 21 people from El Rosario, and the other comprised of 28 individuals from the Chikinival neighborhood, which pertains to the Pojkol ejido, in the Chilón municipality of Chiapas state.

The acts described in the denunciation took place on 10 May, when the Chikinival group arrived to El Rosario and began to measure the recovered lands of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), where Zapatista support-bases (BAEZLN) also live.  Two paramilitaries entered the house of one Zapatista, and another fired on the Zapatista daughter when she tried to escape the home.  The father of the child then threw a stone at the aggressor, causing him head injuries.  The next day, the family of the injured attacker came to demand 7,000 pesos from the BAEZLN as compensation.  The JBG assures that this amount will not be provided, given that the Zapatista did not seek or initiate the violence.

It bears noting that in 2014, residents of the Pojkol ejido killed a stud bull belonging to a Zapatista, destroyed homes and a cooperative, robbed possessions, fumigated land with herbicides, opened fire intermittently, and left a written note among the burned domiciles: “Pojkol territory.”

Also on 10 May 2015, 16 people from Chikinival entered the Nuevo Paraíso community, armed with two pistols and a rifle.  “They came to leave a letter in the street which blames the Zapatista support-base comrades for having provoked these conflicts,” says the JBG.  Beyond this, the JBG adds that in this case it has initiated mediation, deciding to transfer 21 hectares to put an end to the threats, though this has not yet resolved the problem.  The authorities from the Pojkol ejido claim to oppose this group from Chikinival, given its lack of respect and obedience for the ejidal authorities.

These two incidents took place the day after the close of the seminar on “Critical Thought amidst the Capitalist Hydra,” which was organized by the EZLN and held from 3 to 9 May in CIDECI-Unitierra Las Casas, where academics and activists shared their thoughts and reflections regarding the present context and alternatives to the capitalist system.

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Chiapas: Death-threats and harassment against Zapatista support-bases in El Rosario and the Nuevo Paraíso community

March 10, 2015


On 25 February 2015, the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Center for Human Rights (CDHFBC) published a bulletin indicating the death-threats and harassment against residents from El Rosario and Nuevo Paraíso, which are communities that belong to the Good-Government Council (JBG) in La Garrucha (official municipality of Ocosingo).

According to the bulletin, “on 12 February 2015, this Human Rights Center documented in the El Rosario community the destruction of the lands of a BAEZLN and the tense situation that has been lived there for the past 3 weeks, due to incursions by armed men from Pojcol, Chilón municipality, Chiapas, who fired into the air during the night.

According to testimony, the attacking group was comprised of people from Guadalupe Victoria and El Rosario who facilitated the attacks, death-threats, and harassment targeting the BAEZLN.

On 22 February 2015, Frayba received information regarding two notes signed by a ‘representative from the Pojcol group,’ which provides warnings to the BAEZLN to ‘withdraw the Zapatista guard from this place (El Rosario), or if not, we will take Nuevo Paraíso[…].  You must avoid greater bloodshed.”

The CDHFBC reported that it had advised the Chiapas state government of the situation since July 2014, though no effective measures have been adopted to resolve the conflict.  For this reason, it demanded that “the autonomy of the Zapatista peoples be respected, particularly that of the El Rosario and Nuevo Paraíso communities; that the necessary measures be adopted to protect the life and physical integrity of those who live in the El Rosario and Nuevo Paraíso communities, thus avoiding an aggravation of conflict; the application of effective means to arrest the growth of violence against the BAEZLN; and the investigation and sanctioning of the attackers identified as the Pojcol group, which since July 2014 has harassed and attacked the BAEZLN and other residents of the region.”

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Chiapas: JBG denounces invasions and aggression against autonomous peoples in Chiapas

May 10, 2012

On 24 April, the Good-Government Council (JBG) The path to the future from the La Garrucha caracol denounced invasions and aggressions against the autonomous community of Nuevo Paraíso, where residents from Pojkol, Guadalupe Victoria, and the Las Conchitas ranch (from the Ocosingo and Chilón municipalities) have introduced themselves on several occasions in the recovered lands of said community between October 2011 and April 2012.  For this reason, the JBG indicates that “they are taking action with the government to legalize our recuperated lands.  They have invaded because they want to take them from us.”

They noted that “We call on the government to remove its people it is organizing in the places we have mentioned,” warning that “Death we do not want, but we say clearly to the bad governments that if they do not respect us we also will not respect them.  That is to say that if they want us to return to the way we were, well they will have it.  And enough of all this looting and their inanities.  If they cannot control their people, the governors, stop bothering us and stop robbing our Mexico.  Enough.”

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July 20, 2011

Región Las Cañadas, zona correspondiente al Caracol III de La Garrucha @ SIPAZ

Región Las Cañadas, zone that corresponds to Caracol III of La Garrucha @ SIPAZ

On 7 July, the “El Camino del Futuro” Good-Government Council (JBG), with headquarters in the Caracol “Resisting until a new Dawn” of La Garrucha, made public a denunciation that considers three cases in the zone that corresponds to this Caracol.  They defined the cases as part of an intesiifcation of the counter-insurgency campaign carried out by the federal, state, and municipal governments that seeks to manipulate persons of other indigenous and campesino organizations so that “AMONG US CAMPESINOS WE CONFRONT EACH OTHER AND KILL EACH OTHER.”

According to the Zapatista authorities, in the community of Nuevo Paraíso, from the autonomous municipality Francisco Villa (official municipality of Ocosingo), members of the Regional Organization of Coffee-growers of Ocosingo (ORCAO) from the ejido Guadalupe Victoria have occupied “THE LAND THAT WAS RECOVERED WHICH PERTAINS TO THE [NUEVO] PARAISO ON 3 MARCH 2011 IN THE SAME PLACE […] ANOTHER GROUP OF PERSONS FROM LAS CONCHITAS IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF OCOSINGO IS GROWING A MILPA AND ANOTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE FROM THE POJCOL EJIDO FROM THE CHILON MUNICIPALITY.”  Furthermore, according to the JBG’s denunciation, the members of ORCAO have robbed these Zapatista support-bases (BAEZLN), destroyed coffee-plants, and took a cow worth 5000 pesos from the months of March to June of this year.

Linked to the archaeological zone of Toniná, the JBG denounced the federal, state, and municipal governments for manipulating “SEÑORA MARIA SOCORRO ESPINOZA TRUJILLO, AND HER DAUGHTERS BERENICE CRUZ ESPINOZA AND DALIA MARIBEL CRUZ ESPINOZA ASSESSED BY THE BAD GOVERNMENT” so that they sell the land recovered by the EZLN.

Finally, the JBG referred in its denunciation to the community of Nuevo Rosario, where members of ORCAO and unaffiliated party-persons have cut down trees to sell in Ocosingo, against the wishes of the BAEZLN of the community, beyond having taken from the BAEZLN milpa, causing destruction.

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