Oaxaca: presentation of report “Justice for San José del Progreso”

March 16, 2014

Presentación del libro "Justicia para San José del Progreso", Oaxaca, marzo de 2014 (@SIPAZ)

Presentation of book “Justice for San José del Progreso” Oaxaca, March 2014 (@SIPAZ)

In observance of the second anniversary of the murder of Bernardo Vásquez Sánchez, the Oaxacan Collective in Defense of Territory organized events in Oaxaca and Mexico City to publicly presents its report “Justice for San José del Progreso,” the fruit of a Civil Observation Mission carried out in November 2012.

The report speaks to the systematic human-rights violations produced by the imposition of the mining project which has been overseen by the Fortune Silver Mines company since 2006.  The report notes that, beginning at this time, the firm has enjoyed state and federal governmental support in its principal violation of the rights to life; to free, prior and informed consent; to public information; to respect for collective property and integrity of land; to free self-determination; to a clean environment; to communal health; to the rights of children, adolescents, and women; to association and meeting; to freedom and personal integrity; and to the right to the administration of justice and to the work of human-rights violations.  All these rights are recognized as such at the national and international levels.

The document includes recommendations for the federal, state, and municipal government.  Among these is found the stress on placing the rights of citizens above the interests of mining corporations and to guarantee the right to life, physical and psychological integrity of the people of San José del Progreso.  It also calls on the government of Canada to request that it assures that Canadian mining firms be called to justify themselves before the Canadian legal system due to human-rights violations committed outside the national territory.

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Oaxaca: Previously disappeared anti-mining activists from San José del Progreso found

December 17, 2013

San José del Progreso. Foto @EDUCA

Olegario Víctor Ruíz Martínez and Salomé García López, anti-mining activists from the San José del Progreso in Oaxaca who were arrested on 5 December and since then thought to have been disappeared, have been found in the Special Prosecutorial Office for Investigation into Organized Crime (SEIDO) in Mexico City, where they continue to be held.

According to the Oaxacan Collective in Defense of Territory, “to date their juridical situation is unknown, as are the crimes with which they have been charged and their accusors.”

The Collective has requested an urgent motion before the Second Judge of the District in favor the arrested.

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Oaxaca: Magdalena Teitipac on alert in light of new mining threat

December 8, 2013

Asamblea en Magdalena Teitipac (@La Jornada)

Assembly in Magdalena Teitipac (@La Jornada)

The Oaxacan Collective in Defense of Territory has denounced the notification released by Vicente Jesús Aranda Vásquez, from the Secretary of Tourism and Economic Development, to the municipal authorities of Magdalena Teitipac which announces the visit to the community of the General Direction on Mining Regulation to verify the relative observance of the 2012 report on mineral exploration and exploitation.  In response to this notification, municipal and communal authorities cited the previous communal decision in assembly to expel the mining company Plata Real and to prohibit all exploratory and exploitative work with regard to the natural resources of the municipality.

Following these events, on 28 November, Guillermo Espinoza Aranda, Subsecretary for Development and Economic Growth, called the mayor of Magdalena Teitipac on two occasions, toward the end of pressuring him to receive the delegation of the General Direction on Mining Regulation, threatening that “in any case we will arrive to do our work tomorrow, even if you do not wish us to do so.”

In light of this situation, the community holds the state government responsible for whatever violent confrontation that may result from the announced and undesired visit, indicating the rights to self-determination and free, prior, and informed consent are not being respected, as stipulated in national and international law.

For more information (in Spanish):

Responsabilizamos al gobierno de Oaxaca por cualquier acto de violencia que pueda suscitarse en la comunidad indígena de Magdalena Teitipac, Oaxaca (Colectivo Oaxaqueño en Defensa de los Territorios, 28 de noviembre de 2013)

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