Guerrero: Challenges to the Secretary of Governance during his visit to Ayutla de los Libres

September 19, 2012

On 11 September 2012, Alejandro Poiré, Secretary of Governance, visited Ayutla de Los Libres to set the founding stone of the Center for Attention to Women and to preside over the signing of a Plan of Action and Commitment for the Development of the Me’Phaa and Mixteca Zone, which is slated to be supported by 30 million pesos for different programs.  In this way, members of the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights and the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous People (OPIM) noted before Poiré and the state government the failure of the observance of the sentence handed down by the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR) regarding the case of Inés Fernández Ortega, an indigenous woman raped by soldiers in 2012.

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Conferencia de prensa que ofrecieron el Secretario de Gobernación, Alejandro Poiré, y el Gobernador del Estado de Guerrero, Ángel Aguirre(Secretaria de gobernación, 11 de septiembre de 2011)

Guerrero: Delegation of the Initiative of Female Nobel Prize Recipients meets with female defenders

February 9, 2012

Jody Williams y Obtilia Eugenio Manuel (OPIM) Foto: La Jornada Guerrero

Jody Williams and Obtilia Eugenio Manuel (OPIM) Photo: La Jornada Guerrero

On 23 January, the Delegation of the Initiative of Female Nobel Prize Recipients led by Jody Williams, who in 1997 received the Nobel Peace Prize for her actions in favor of a prohibition of mines, met with female human-rights defenders in the state of Guerrero in an event entitled “Tying our struggles together with our rights.”  The visit formed part of the agenda of work and meetings that the delegation has been carrying out in Mexico since 22 January 2012.

By means of more than 20 testimonies by women from Guerrero, the Initiative of Female Nobel Prize Recipients came to know about the grave situation of violence against women and female rights-defenders in Mexico, as well as the impacts militarization has on the lives of indigenous woen, who carry out their work in a context of impunity and insecurity.  In this way, upon concluding the mission that will continue on into Honduras and Guatemala, the delegation will put together a report with recommendations directed at the governments of the three countries as well those of the U.S. and Canada.

The dialogue seeks to reinforce the visibility of these struggles and to make visible the role, support, and actions of the female defenders as well as to demand that the Mexican State guarantee protection for activists who are threatened or at risk.

The international delegation also met with Mexican authorities to present them with seven cases of grave rights-violations and to request information regarding the protocol of protection for female defenders, data regarding disappeared women, and the sanctions against functionaries who exercise institutional violence.

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Mexico: Celebration of the Fourth Meeting of Human-Rights Defenders

August 19, 2011


On Friday 12 August and Saturday 13 August, human-rights defenders and journalists met to hold the Fourth National Meeting, which was originally called for by the Solidarity Network Decade against Impunity, the Program of Human Rights of the Ibero-American University of Mexico City and the ProDH Center.  In the declaration of the meeting, participants recalled that all persons who either individually or collectively promote and request the protection and realization of human rights and fundamental rights whether nationally or internationally are to be considered human-rights defenders.  For this reason, one’s professional experience or degree of pertenance to a given civil-society organization does not matter, insofar as the methods employed to defend human rights are to be found compatible with the same.

Participants also expressed their concern for the situation of human rights in Mexico.  They indicated that the situation has suffered a grave relapse in light of the context of violence that prevails under the so-called war on drugs.  Alejandro Nuño, director of the Center for Justice and International Law (Cejil), noted it was an advance that “the agreement for the creation of the mechanism of protection of defenders be published in the Official Daily of the Federation (DOF); regardless, it should be required that organizations be consulted so that there be a real instrumentation of the mechanisms and so that the investigation of aggression and death-threats be considered an indisputable part of protection.”  Cuahthémoc Ramírez, secretary of the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous Peoples (OPIM), denounced that on Wednesday 10 August at midnight, some seven armed men identified as informants for the Army attempted to harass the offices of his organization.  Magdalena López Paulino, from the Solidarity Network Decade against Impunity, indicated that in Los Pinos more excuses are sought so as not to observe the orders of the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR), as in the cases of the ecologist campesinos Rodolfo Montiel and Teodoro Cabrera.

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Guerrero – briefs: Human-rights centers meet with Governor Aguirre; IACHR requests protection for Torres family in the Sierra de Petatlán; CECOP celebrates its 8th anniversary

August 18, 2011

Eighth anniversary of the CECOP.  @Jóvenes en Resistencia Alternativa

On 2 August, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights (CRFK) and the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights reported that they had had a meeting with Ángel Aguirreo Rivero, governor of the state, and Alberto López Rosas, State Attorney General, as well as several other state functionaries.  The meeting had the objective of discussing the observance of the provisional measures granted to members of the Organization of Me’phaa Indigenous Peoples (OPIM), the Organization for the Future of the Mixteco People (OFPM), and Tlachinollan.  The question of the implementation of the sentences handed down by the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR) in the cases of Inés Fernández and Valentina Rosendo against the Mexican State was also raised.  At the end of the meeting, Aguirre committed himself to observing the sentences of the IACHR in both cases and assured that the state government is committed to reiterating its recommendation that the investigations be transferred to the appropriate federal institution.  Furthermore, the government committed itself to soon reinstalling the public-security units for the protection of the offices of Tlachinollan in Ayutla de Los Libres.

In other news, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) requested that the State authorities urgently grant protective measures to the relatives of Javier Torres Cruz, a campesino who was murdered on 18 April in the community of La Morena, Petatlán.  The measures that the IACHR is demanding for the Torres family are due to the incursion on 21 July by armed men dressed as Marines and civilians into the community of La Morena which developed into a confrontation with state police who were guarding the area.  The harassment against Javier Torres and his family began starting in 2007 when police were told that evidence had been found regarding the presumed murderer of the lawyer Digna Ochoa.

Finally, on 28 July in the community of Aguacaliente, a rural part of Acapulco, the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to La Parota (CECOP) commemorated the eighth anniversary of its struggle against the construction of the La Parorta dam.  Felipe Flores, spokesperson for CECOP, stressed that those who formerly had been in favor of the dam “now are on our side; that gives us much strength.  Today we celebrate eight years of struggle.  To live it is difficult because it implies much exertion.”  He also mentioned that “now the members of CECOP have a responsibily and a commitment, because other organizations have approached us to ask us how we have kept up the fight.”

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Guerrero – briefs: Release of OPIM leader; incursion of Navy forces in La Morena community

July 27, 2011

OPIM members @La Jornada

On 7 July, Rafael Rodríguez Dircio, member of the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous People (OPIM), was released, having been detained and incarcerated on 29 June on the charge of homicide of Alejandro Feliciano García.  On these same charges had been detained five other members of OPIM on 17 April 2000.  One of these persons was Raúl Hernández Abundio, a prisoner of conscience as recognized by Amnesty International who spent more than two years in jail on this charge, with the four others having been released previously.  Inocencio Orduño Magallón, judge in the case, resolved in favor of Rafael Rodríguez’s release in light of lack of evidence.

The Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights reminds us that there exist four other arrest-orders against OPIM members for this same crime.  “It is for this reason that we request the Guerrero State Attorney General’s Office to suspend these arrest-orders, given that with the release of Rafael Rodríguez Dircio, it has once again been demonstrated that the accusations and the legal process against these indigenous defenders are derived by fabricated evidence against those who demand the realization of their human rights and who organize toward that end.”

In other news, on 20 July, units of the Armed Navy of Mexico invaded the community of La Morena, municipality of Petatlán.  They detained for two hours state police who had been monitoring the community as well as residents of the community, denounces Elvia Torres Cruz, sister to Javier Torres, a campesino who was murdered in April.  The justification for the operation was that the unit had on the previous Sunday (17 July) left one of its vehicles in the community.  On that day there was had a confrontation in the community between units of the Armed Navy and of the state police.  One marine and one police-officer died.  On 18 April of this year Javier Torres was murdered by a uniformed group carrying high-caliber weapons, presumably operatives linked to organized crime.  His family has received protectionary measures and since that time the community of La Morena has been protected by the state police.

In an interview, Javier Monroy, coordinator of the Workshop for communal development (TADECO), said that leaders of organizations that comprise the Front of the Popular Masses of the State of Guerrero met with the Minister of Justice, Alberto López Rosas, and demanded that the clarify the acts and prioritize the investigation of the murder of Javier Torres.  In this vein, he indicated that TADECO has requested support for construction materials and other goods for La Morena, given the events of 17 July.

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Guerrero: New detention of OPIM member for same case as Raúl Hernández; Lucio Cabañas’ widow and her sister are murdered

July 17, 2011

Rafael Rodríguez Dircio (@Tlachinollan)

On 29 June, Rafael Rodríguez Dircio, member of the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous Peoples (OPIM) and recipient of precautionary measures as recommended by the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR), was detained at a checkpoint by units of the Ministerial Investigational police (PIM) and taken to the prison of Ayutla de Los Libres.  He faces the same charge for which were detained in April 2008 five members of OPIM, among them Raúl Hernández Abundio, prisoner of conscience defended by Amnesty International who was deprived of liberty until August 2010.  Another five members of OPIM were awarded an injunction blocking their arrest-orders in 2009 in the same case.  The Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights stresses that “the accusation today faced by Rafael Rodríguez Dircio is based in evidence that has been considered illegal and inconsistent in at least ten other cases,” adding that “the case of [Dircio] is a test for the new government of Guerrero with regard to the work carried out by defenders of human rights.  If the accusation originated with the previous administration, it will be the authorities of the government of Ángel Aguirre Rivero and the new Superior Tribunal of Justice that will presently decide to release or maintain detained the Me’phaa defender.  In this sense, the resolution of the juridical situation constitutes a test by which to measure whether during the six-year term that has just begun will continue with the criminalization of rights-denfeders and social activists as carried out by the previous administration.”

In other news, on 3 July, Isabel Ayala Nava, widow of the guerrilla ex-commander Lucio Cabañas Barrientos, 54 years of age, was murdered by gunfire along with her sister Reyna Ayala Nava (58 years old) by unknown subjects from a car in movement as they were leaving a church in Xaltianguis, municipality of Acapulco.  Some hours later, Micaela Cabañas Ayala, daughter of Isabel and member of Nacidos en la Tempestad AC, received a death-threat against her person from the cellular number of her mother.  Relatives, leaders of social organizations, and civil organizations have condemned these murders and have demanded that the Guerrero state-government clarify them immediately.

Isabel Ayala Nava pertained to the Partido de los Pobres (PdlP, or Party of the Poor), an insurgent Mexican organization born at the beginning of the 1970s, and had been subjected to torture and other cruel treatment.  In the last three years she had participated in activities organized by the groups United Left of the South and the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Guerrero.  In the first months of 2011 two brothers of Isabel and Reyna were murdered.  Upon demanding that the crimes be clarified, the family began to receive anonymous death-threats.

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Juez de Ayutla resolverá el martes 5 de julio si el defensor me’phaa Rafael Rodríguez Dircio recupera su libertad o continúa en prisión(Boletín de prensa del Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Montaña Tlachinollan, 5 July 2011)

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Organización “Nacidos en la Tempestad AC” exige justicia en el asesinato de activistas políticas (4 July 2011)

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ONG exigen esclarecer crimen de Isabel Ayala (El Universal, 4 July)

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Guerrero: Liberty for Raúl Hernández, prisoner of conscience

August 30, 2010

Raúl Hernández free (@ Tlachinollan)

After having been held for 28 months in the prison of Ayutla de los Libres, Raúl Hernández Abundio, member of the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous People (OPIM), was released on Friday, 27 August.  The judge overseeing his case, Alfredo Sánchez Sánchez, ordered Hernández’s immediate and unconditional release, basing his demand in arguments advanced by the defense.  Sánchez Sánchez said that Raúl Hernández “is neither guilty nor judicially responsible for the murder of Alejandro Feliciando García, which occurred in January 2008.”  Vidulfo Rosales Sierra, the defense lawyer from the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights, proclaimed the development to be “a triumph for the social movement both in Guerro and Mexico generally.”

Hernández left prison at 2:45pm and was received by members of the OPIM as well as his juridical advisers and lawyers from Tlachinollan.  Via telephone conversation with media sources, he stressed that he “feels happy, now that they have given me my liberty,” and that “we will continue to work so that they give us infrastructure, schools, medical clinics; we will continue to struggle, and I will continue to work.”

In a 27 August communiqué, Amnesty International (AI), which has recognized Raúl Hernández as a prisoner of conscience, requests that Hernández’s “groundless” processing be thoroughly reviewed, and that he receive compensation for his “unjust imprisonment.”  AI claims that “the case against Raúl Hernández constitutes reprisal on the part of the authorities for his legitimate activities in promotion of indigenous rights by means of the OPIM as well as his exposure of the abuses committed by local caciques, soldiers, and authorities.”  In a communiqué released the same day, Tlachinollan reiterates that “the sentence proclaimed today shows the forcefulness of the evidence brought forth by Raúl and his defense and furthermore confirms the inconsistencies of the accusations that the national and international human-rights organizations have denounced with the strong convinction and belief that Raúl is innocent, and that his imprisonment followed from the constant denunciation of fundamental rights carried out objectively by his organization since 1998.”  Raúl Hernández was imprisoned since April 2008, charged for the crime of murdering an informant of the Mexican army, crime he did not commit.

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Guerrero: PGJE requests 50 years for Raúl Hernández (11 August)

Guerrero: PGJE requests 50 years for Raúl Hernández

August 11, 2010

On Friday 6 August there was held an audience on the case of Raúl Hernández Abundio who, according to his counsel, has been unjustly accused of the murder of an army-informant in January 2008.  Such claims notwithstanding, the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) of Guerrero has requested Hernández Abundio be given the maximum sentence of 50 years.  It should be remembered that the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights, which is heading the defense of Hernández Abundio, member of the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous Peoples (OPIM), has already invalidated previous evidence.  Furthermore, the judge who visited the crime-scene has confirmed that the declaration of the principal witness in the case is incorrect and hence affirmed that Hernández Abundio could not have committed the murder.  The PGJE also has not taken into account the declarations of ocular witnesses who established that Raúl Hernández was not in the vicinity where the crime occurred when it did.  Following this audience, the judge will have 10 days to release the corresponding sentence.

Vidulfo Rosales Sierra, a lawyer with Tlachinollan, stressed that “this is a clear indication that the state government–the government of Zeferino Torreblanca–continues with its sober and deliberate intention to persecute human-rights defenders and other social activists in Guerrero; it is clear evidence because of the lack of evidence, because the accusation is nonsense.” Similarly, Amnesty International (AI) condemned the conclusions of the PGJE in a 7 August press-release.  The adjunct director of the AI Program for the Americas, Kerrie Howard, declared that “[t]he decision to continue [with the case] despite the fabricated charges of murder against Raúl Hernández is part of a systematic campaign of the Mexican authorities against members of this indigenous community who defend the human rights of their people.” Tlachinollan circulated a model letter directed at the Guerrero Judicial Power to request justice and liberty for Raúl Hernández.

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Guerrero – Briefs: PGJE denigrates the killing of Lorenzo Fernandez; NGOs continue to pressure for the release of Raul Hernández

July 12, 2010

Two years and five months after the murder of Lorenzo Fernández Ortega, brother of Inés Fernández Ortega, who was raped by soldiers in 2002, the Attorney General of the State of Guerrero (PGJE) has presented a homicide suspect. The PGJE has concluded that the killing resulted from a conflict that arose during a drinking binge.

The defense has argued that on February 9, 2008, Lorenzo was subject to enforced disappearance.  A day later, he was found dead – with his body showing visible signs of torture – in the river that runs through the city of Ayutla. Lorenzo was a member of the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous People (OPIM) and played an important role in defending human rights of indigenous people from their region. He actively campaigned to denounce the acts carried out against his sister, Inés Fernández, and supported the denunciations in the case brought before the Commission for the Defense of Human Rights (CODDEHUM) concerning the 14 indigenous women of El Camalote who were forcibly sterilized by the Ministry of Health in 1998.

In a July 5th communiqué, the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights, the Guerrero Network of Human-Rights Organizations (Red Guerrerense), and OPIM denounced that Tlachinollan, as collaborator in the case, only had a limited access to the advances of the investigation and that the conclusion that the homocide had been the result of a drinking binge denigrates Lorenzo Fernandez as a defender of human rights.

On the same day, Amnesty International (AI) released an Urgent Action demanding the immediate release of political prisoner Raúl Hernández, a member of OPIM.  He was detained on April 17, 2008 and accused of the murder of Alejandro Feliciano García, committed on January 1, 2008. On June 30, 2010, the judge presiding over the trial of this defender of human rights and indigenous peoples closed the evidentiary phase of his trial for murder. The crime-scene investigation conducted by the judge confirmed that the statements of witnesses who claimed that Raul Hernandez was present at the time of the murder were unreliable. AI called on civil society to demand the release of Hernandez from the PGJE in a letter to be sent before August 14, 2010. (See Urgent Action below).

Finally, on July 6th, the Solicitor’s International Human Rights Group (SIHRG) published a report regarding the situation of Raúl Hernández. In the report, the organization emphasized that the incarceration of Hernández was based on lies and that there exists no evidence of his participation in the criminal acts for which he has been accused. The SIHRG expressed profound worry over the case of Hernández and claimed it to be willing to take further measures to protect the human-rights defender.

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Joint communiqué by Tlachinollan, the Guerrero Network, and OPIM (5 July)

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Guerrero: Briefs–CECOP receive precautionary measures; Report on human rights; Civil society organizations continue asking for the liberation of Raúl Hernández (5 July 2010)

Guerrero: Briefs – CECOP receive precautionary measures; Report on human rights; Civil society organizations continue asking for the liberation of Raúl Hernández

July 5, 2010

On the 1st of July, the first nullification hearing was held before the Agrarian Court (TUA) by the members of the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to La Parota Dam (CECOP). They asked for an annulment of the assembly held on April 28 of this year that approved the expropriation of 300 thousand hectares for the construction work on the La Parota dam. The TUA granted injunctions that would prevent the undertaking of work related to the hydroelectric project.

On the same day, a report about the situation of human rights in Guerrero was presented publicly in Chilpancingo. Civil society organizations denounced new threats against human rights defenders before international organisms such as the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico (OACNUDH). The president of the Tlachinollan Human Rights Center of the Montaña, Abel Barrera Hernández, mentioned that in Guerrero 178 human rights defenders have received precautionary warnings, reflecting the critical situation in which they find themselves. Various organizations were present, including the Network of Guerrerense Civil Organizations for Human Rights, the Collective Against Torture and Impunity  and the Regional Center for the Defense of Human Rights José María Morelos y Pavón. In turn, government officials who were invited did not attend the event. Abel Barrera lamented missed opportunity for dialogue between the state government and civil society organizations. Within this context, they continued to demand the immediate release of Raúl Hernández, who remains imprisoned in the jail Ayutla despite having already proved his innocence.

In fact, on the 30th of June, Tlachinollan and the Organization of Me’phaa Indgenous People (OPIM) released a communique together, asking the state Attorney General to present no accusatory conclusions in the case against Raul Hernandez. The document included an Urgent Action in which the two organizations asked people to send letters to the state Attorney General of Guerrero to push for a decision favorable to Hernandez.

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