Chiapas: Liberation of paramilitaries unleashes attacks in Chenalhó

June 24, 2013


Photo @Koman Ilel

On 10 June, Catholics from San Pedro Chenalhó, via their authorities and representatives, denounced the looting of land on which is located their construction materials.  This act was carried out by neighborhood officials, “in light of the silence or complicity” of the municipal, agrarian, and human-rights authorities.  The invasion, which was carried out by 140 people brandishing machetes, began on 29 April and worsened throughout the month of May.  In June, the invading group carried out several aggressions against the Catholic minority in the Puebla colony.  The protestors denounce that “It seems that the tragic events of 1997 are repeating thesmelves, leading to the Acteal massacre.  One of the spots where this began was precisely in the Puebla neighborhood.”  The attack coincides with the release of those accused and sentenced for the Acteal massacre.

According to the Fray Bartolome de Las Casas Center for Human Rights (CDHFBC), the “release of the paramilitaries has sent a signal to these groups (never themselves dismantled) or to some whom participated in them, that they can act freely by attacking whomever they please without consequencesa.  This could well be the case in the Puebla neighborhood, the locale of one of the recently released paramilitaries who was originally indicated as the leader of the group that carried out the massacre in Acteal.”

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Chiapas: Las Abejas lament release of yet another of those charged for Acteal massacre

March 27, 2013

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During the religious celebration performed in the most recent monthly commemoration of the Acteal massacre, the Las Abejas Civil Society lamented that the Supreme Court for Justice in the Nation (SCJN) has released another indigenous person who had been incarcerated on the charge of having participated in the 22 December 1997 massacre in Acteal.  Las Abejas affirmed that “What we are now living here in Mexico confirms what we Abejas have always said: the organisms of the Mexican justice system do not serve justice but rather the interests of the powerful.”

“As in the case of the paramilitaries released previously, we are told that the reason for his release had to do with failures and violations to ‘due process.’  We think and denounce that this is nothing more than a pretext on the part of the authorities to twist justice in the way that is most convenient to them.”  Demonstrating this claim, Las Abejas indicated that the SCJN had denied review of the case of Alberto Patishtán, given that that case is marked by irregularities; moreover, the SCJN attended to the case of Florence Cassez, who had claimed failures to due process and was so released.  Another example that was mentioned was the “‘false Abejas’ who are playing with Salinas de Gortari so as to avenge Ernesto Zedillo, and a collegiate court immediately grants the motion to permit the continuation of the case against Zedillo in the U.S.”

Las Abejas assert that “the lack of justice and the means in which the authorities use law only for their benefit have resulted in the fact that throughout Mexico, some communities organize themselves for armed self-defense, as in the case of our friends from the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities of the Mountain and Costa Chica of Guerrero.”  Distinguishing their perspective from that of many authorities and media, Las Abejas noted that “One thing is that people amidst total impunity organize themselves to apply justice according to their own methods, and another very different thing is seen when the government, unsatisfied with using its own repressive apparatus, resorts to using a part of the people who are tricked into repressing their own brothers.”

Finally, Las Abejas closed with saying that they are “seeking other means to obtain the justice that is denied us by the government, such as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.  But for now we will say that we reject the ‘friendly’ calls made by the Mexican government through the IACHR to our brothers and sisters in Atenco, who have rejected these proposals with the same dignity we shall employ.”

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