Oaxaca: Representative of Organization of Indigenous Zapotec Peoples (OPIZ) suffers assassination attempt

October 26, 2013

Juan Sosa Maldonado. Foto @Foro Político

Juan Sosa Maldonado. Photo @Foro Político

During the morning of 16 October in Oaxaca de Juárez, Juan Sosa Maldonado, representative of the Organization of Indigenous Zapotec Peoples (OPIZ), suffered an assassination attempt which left him uninjured.

The attempt took place as he was traveling with his family in a car, when a motorcyclist opened fired on the automobile, with none of the three gunshots hitting any of the occupants of the moving vehicle.

Juan Sosa Maldonado, a former political prisoner, was detained and tortured by the Judicial State Police in 1998, accused of having pertaining to the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR).  The activist has been acting to defend prisoners from the Loxicha region who have been accused of pertaining to the EPR and have spent 17 years imprisoned for that reason.  He has moreover denounced the forced disappearances and extrajudicial executions which have taken place in Oaxaca.  It is for these reasons that Sosa Maldonado motivated this latest attack on his person and that of his family.

The Defense Agency for the Human Rights of the People of the Oaxaca has released precautionary measures for the protection of the OPIZ representative and his family.

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Guerrero: The IACHR grants precautionary measures to 107 human rights defenders in Guerrero

May 4, 2009

On April 21, the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR) approved a resolution which demanded that the Federal Government and the Government of the Guerrero implement measures of protection of 107 human rights defenders in the state of Guerrero. 41 from the Organization of the Indigenous Me’phaa People (OPIM), the members of the Organization of the Future of the Mixteco People (OFPM) and the family members of Raúl Lucas Lucía and Manuel Ponce Rosas, the two human rights defenders who were murdered in February of 2009, and the members of the Human Rights Center of the Montaña Tlachinollan (CDHM Tlachinollan).

The precautionary measures were granted by way of a request made on April 7 and they demonstrate the lack of adequate conditions for the realization of the work of human rights defenders in the state of Guerrero. After the forced disappearance and the extrajudicial execution of Raúl Lucas Lucía and Manuel Ponce Rosas, the threats against human rights defenders have intensified. There have been constant denunciations of death threats against the families of Lucas Lucía and Ponce Rosas, as well as threats against the members of the CDHM Tlachinollan. In addition the members of the OPIM have received threats because of their work in the region of Ayutla de los Libres.

In response to the call of national and international human rights organizations to implement measures of protection in favor of human rights defenders in Guerrero, the State Government stated that it could not guarantee special protection for a few citizens. According the Jornada of Guerrero, the Secretary of Government, Guillermo Ramírez Ramos, stated that “not only social organizations have the right to protection”. In response Abel Barrera, the director of the CDHM Tlachinollan, denounced the lack of political will to protect the work of human rights defenders.

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