Oaxaca: Opinions shared regarding educational reform

April 15, 2013

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On 3 April, Gabino Cué Monteagudo, governor of Oaxaca, submitted to federal deputies his initiative to modify the General Law on Education which, in his words, would seek to “make topical” the constitutional reform in terms of education and express that educational reforms cannot be realized “from the desk.”  He added that this initiative has been supported by section 22 of the National Educational Workers’ Union (SNTE), and that it is the product of work done jointly with teachers rather than pressure or fraud, as the National Action Party (PAN) has accused in the state congress.  Regardless, for his part, Rubén Núñez Ginés, secretary general of section 22 of the SNTE, has distanced himself from the reform initiative submitted by Gabino Cue given that, in his words, the reform project lacks legitimacy for Oaxacan teachers, given that it was never approved by the state assembly or the teachers’ leadership.  He stressed that section 22 will continue to mobilize as a means of pressuring for the inclusion of the Program for the Transformation of Education in Oaxaca (PTEO) within the reform initiative made to the General Law on Education, despite the fact that on 9 April, the local legislature rejected the PTEO, “for it is not viable,” as noted by Alejandro López Jarquín, president of the Junta for Political Coordination in the state Congress.  López Jarquín emphasized that the document “does not have juridical weight and is only an analysis rather than an initiative.”  The PRD legislator said that “one part of the PTEO is unconstitutional, because it contradicts the national education reform that is in effect; for this reason, it is impossible thusly to legislate.”Beyond this, following the displacement suffered by teachers in the state of Guerrero, following their blockade of the Sol highway which was dislodged by federal police, the Oaxaca governor confirmed the arrival of 200 federal police from the airport to the capital of Oaxaca on 6 April, as a means of re-enforcing public security and avoiding radical protest actions that might be carried out by teachers associated with section 22 of the SNTE.It should be recalled that the last time that federal police arrived in Oaxaca coincided with the social revolt of 2006, when teachers of section 22 demanded the resignation of governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, whom they had found responsible for forced disappearances and arbitrary detentions, as well as political murders.

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