Guerrero: normalists commemorate first anniversary of repression in Ayotzinapa

December 21, 2012


March on the Sol highway. Photo @Tlachinollan

Relatives, students, and members of social organizations condemned that a year after the murder of two students at the Normal Rural of Ayotzinapa during the displacement carried out by state and federal police on 12 December 2011 on the Sol highway close to Chilpancingo, the crime continues to enjoy impunity, and they have demanded justice.  In these terms, the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) affirmed that the federal and state governments still have not observed many of the points found on the 1VG/2012 recommendation which it published on 27 March.  By means of a communique, the CNHD noted that there exists sufficient evidence to “administratively sanction” the ex-prosecutor Alberto López Rosas and the ex-Secretary of Public Security, Ramón Almonte Borja, who presently find themselves subjected to political judgment in the Congress.

The normalists organized a march and peacefully celebrated a religious ceremony near the site where the student protest was met with lethal force.  During this act, they presented their testimony, and relatives of  Jorge Alexis Herrera Pino y Gabriel Echeverría de Jesús, the two students who were killed, demanded justice.  Similarly, several students who were arrested and tortured during the day presented their word.  Finally, Miguel Álvarez Gándara also intervened, being a member of Services and Assessment for Peace (SERAPAZ) and spokesperson for the Civil Commission of Interlocution, created after the acts.

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