Chiapas: Five Zapatista support-bases released for lack of evidence

May 20, 2010

Five Tzeltal campesinos–support-bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN)–who had been detained in the municipal prison of Ocosingo since 11 May were released without charges by the authorities the following day.  They had initially been arrested by residents of the Peña Limonar ejido and were later transferred by the State Preventive Police (PEP) to the charge of the Public Ministry.

The five indigenous individuals–Ebelio Montejo Hernández, 35; Manuel Gutiérrez López, 42 (a health-promoter); Luis Gutiérrez Vázquez, 15; Pedro Gutiérrez Hernández, 18; and Narciso Gutiérrez Jiménez, 63–were taken into custody following accusations that they had raped five women.

The La Garrucha Good-Government Council (JBG), located in the municipality of Ocosingo, denounced their detention on 10 May together with the disappearing of 9 other Zapatistas from the community of Amaytic.  In its communiqué, the JBG found “the three levels of government, FEDERAL, STATE, AND MUNICIPAL” responsible for the events, given that they “had not paid attention to the question of resolving this problem.”

The conflict dates back to at least August 2002, during which time two Zapatista authorities were killed after they had moved to Peña Limonar.  According to the La Garrucha JBG, they desired to return to Amaytic in March 2010, occupying land by force and generating a climate of hostility.

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Chiapas: Public Denunciation on Ranchería Amaytic from Garrucha JBG

March 19, 2010

As of March 16, zapatista support bases from Ranchería Amaytik located in the Ricardo Flores Magón autonomous municipality have been followed and threatened with eviction and death by some 200 member of the  Organization for the Defense of Indigenous and Campesino Rights (Opddic, Organización para la Defensa de los Derechos Indígenas y Campesinos). The Good Government Council (JBG, Junta de Buen Gobierno) “The Path of The Future” of the Garrucha caracol, recently denounced the actions of armed members of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI, Partido Revolucionario Institucional) and the Opddic who are following “our compañeros” in an attempt to apprehend them. The women are alone in their homes and they are threatening them, telling them they will kill all of their livestock and that they will be evicted.

The JBG explains the events leading up to this conflict stating that it began on August 25, 2002 with “a problem [concerning] the separation of a couple in Ranchería Amaytic,” in the Ricardo Flores Magón autonomous municipality in which autonomous authorities intervened. Lorenzo Martinez Espinoza, a spokesperson for the autonomous council and Jacinto Hernandez Gutierrez, an autonomous agent, “were murdered with a firearm and machetes and sticks after leaving the place.”

According to the communiqué “the murderers” left the community and sought refuge in the Peña Limonar ejido. The autonomous authorities would not allow them to continue living in the Ranchería Amaytic. On March 15 of this year, the PRI members attempted to return accompanied by people from Peña Limonar, Yoc Navil, Pamanavil, San Antonio Catarraya, Ranchería Ganxanil and Nueva Providencia.

The JBG concludes: “We will defend our compañeros and our land with a solution in agreement with our customs; we do not want problems, we will always seek out a solution that springs from the area where the problem arose, but the bad government always gets in the way and that is when it becomes impossible to solve the problem because of course this is part of their plan known as counterinsurgency.”

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