Oaxaca: Profepa orders Cuzcatlán mining company urgent measures before spill of a mining dam in San Jose del Progreso

November 1, 2018

@Michoacan Político

Since last October 12, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) has requested Cuzcatlán Mining Company, SA de CV, a subsidiary of the Canadian company Fortuna Silver Inc., located in the municipality of San José del Progreso, to carry out “measures of urgent application due to the spill of a tailings dam”. This contingency occurred on October 8, after heavy rains. The measures to be taken seek “to guarantee the protection and safeguarding of the environment and to avoid further damage to the natural elements”.

Given the indolence of the company that works in the area since 2011 to comply with these measures, on October 17, PROFEPA notified the company date and time for taking soil samples, an action that was carried out by a company contracted by Minera Cuzcatlán, accredited and approved by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT). PROFEPA personnel were present during the procedure. The results to determine the existence or not of contamination with hazardous waste is yet to be received. In case it is accredited, the actions and sanctions that according to law proceed will be applied, the PROFEPA warned in a press release.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the community of Magdalena Octotlán still can not use the water for cultivation or to bathe, and they fear the contamination of their drinking water wells, a few meters from the affected stream.

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October 16, 2018


Oaxaca: SEMARNAT denies consent of environmental impact to hydroelectric dam project in San Felipe Usila, Chinanteca zone

September 24, 2018

Chinantla de Oaxaca (@NVI Noticias)

In mid-September, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) denied the consent of environmental impact to the South American transnational company Generación Enersi, SA de CV to install a hydroelectric dam in San Felipe Usila, in the Chinanteca area of ​​the state of Oaxaca. This was reported by Rutilo Lorenzo Felipe, municipal president of San Felipe Usila. The communities in the area had asked him to act to prevent the implementation of this project that they are opposed to from the beginning. For this reason, the city council had offered to SEMARNAT proofs of the damages that a project of this nature could have, both for the flora and fauna of the area.

It should be remembered that in 2014 there was a first attempt by the same company to build a dam on the Perfume River. The new project “contemplated occupying the water of the four rivers of San Felipe Usila, constructing a tunnel that will channel the water, installing a turbine that would generate 121 gigawatts”, according to information published by Noticias Voz e Imagen. It would imply an initial investment of 350 million pesos.

The arguments presented by the municipality were validated by Semarnat, which determined to suspend the continuity of the project, at least in its current format.

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Chiapas: Hydroelectric Dam Canceled in the Lacandon Jungle

September 16, 2018


On August 20, the General Directorate of Environmental Impact and Risk (DGIRA) of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) denied the authorization to build the Santo Domingo hydroelectric dam on the Santo Domingo and Lacantún rivers in the municipality of Maravilla Tenejapa, Chiapas.

The project was intended to be developed in the municipality of Maravilla Tenejapa, in the region of the Lacandon Jungle, but the permit was denied because, according to the DGIRA, “it contradicts the stipulations of various legal systems, among which are the National Water Reserve Decrees, signed by President Enrique Peña Nieto on June 6, 2018, the Ecological Ordinance Program of the State of Chiapas and the Management Program of the Lagunas de Montebello National Park. In addition, the project is notoriously unviable from the technical and environmental point of view “.

Inhabitants of 51 communities in the municipality of Las Margaritas had rejected the hydroelectric project because, if it were to be carried out, “it will affect our communities and to a large extent the protected natural reserves of the region.”

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Chiapas: FNLS denounces harassment following return to Las Conchitas

September 22, 2011

Members of the FNLS upon suspension of their sit-in SCLC @SIPAZ

The National Front of Struggle for Socialism (FNLS) denounced that following its return to the community fo Las Conchitas, municipality of salta de Agua, the 5 families that were displaced in July find themselves newly subjected to harassment and intimidation on the part of armed persons, according to Marciano Gaspar González.  In its urgent action published on 24 August the FNLS denounces that “the paramilitary group continues to ambush our comrades in their lands, carrying out nocturnal rounds and firing at whichever hour as acts of intimidation, showing their power to kill our comrades.”

They added that the authorities have not moved judicially against the aggressors of the violent displacement perpetrated on 4 July, something which they see as reflecting “that the government of Juan Sabines, the secretary of government Noé Castañón, functionaries of the federal CONANP, PROFEPA, and SEMARNAT not only organize, finance, and direct the paramilitary groups in coordination with military structures but also allow them total impunity so that they can continue carrying out counter-insurgent actions against organized peoples and communities.”

They concluded that tension and uncertainty is what is lived daily since the return of their comrades who saw it as necessary to return so as to work the land and so survive, given that the state authorities were deaf to their pleas, leaving them defenseless and at the mercy of criminals and murderers.

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