Chiapas: Alejandro Diaz denounces human rights violations by the new director of San Cristóbal de Las Casas prison

June 11, 2014
(@Red contra la Represión y por la Solidaridad)

(@Red contra la Represión y por la Solidaridad)

Alejandro Diaz Sántiz, a prisoner in solidarity with the Voz del Amate, adherent to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle who is incarcerated at the San Cristobal de Las Casas prison, reported that “since the arrival of this new director named José Israel López Escandon along with Commander Juan Humberto Pablo Vazquez, our rights and individual guarantees have been violated: there were very regrettable abuses such as intimidations against us and against our family members that come to visit us. They also suffer these violations by the guardians (male and female) by order of the director.” On June 1st, a visit came to see Alejandro Diaz and the entry to the prison was denied. He also questioned the behavior of the custodians that review things “such as food, fruits and vegetables, pozol and tortillas that visitors bring to share with their prisoners. These guardians seize most of the things. For us, as indigenous people, those are elements of our basic nutrition. What they seize gets lost, or maybe they consume it. “

He also noted that discrimination against them persists “for being indigenous and poor people […] The food they gave us previously has been reduced, along with the amount of tortillas. We spoke with José Asunción Chacón Mendes, but he says that he does not have sufficient resources, that the undersecretary has not deposited funds in the bank, and that the supplier was unable to provide the food that was needed in this prison.We know all of these are pretexts.”

Finally, he “called on President Enrique Peña Nieto and the governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte de Ochoa, to consider my early release because I have been unjustly imprisoned for over 15 years.”

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Chiapas: Some thousand persons march for the liberation of Alberto Patishtán

June 4, 2012

During the global week for the liberation of teacher Alberto Patishtán Gómez and that of Francisco Sántiz López, a Zapatista support-base who has been incarcerated for six months, some thousands persons, the majority of them Tzotzil indigenous persons, marched on 18 May in the El Bosque municipality of Chiapas, the hometown of Alberto Patishtán.  The approximate 300 people who began the march from the municipal auditorium noticed that they had become a thousand by the time they returned to the launch-point.  They carried banners for prisoners close to Patishtán Gómez, being those in solidarity with the Voz del Amate, or even members of the Voz del Amate proper, such as Rosario Díaz Méndez, Pedro López Jiménez, Juan Collazo Jiménez, Alejandro Díaz Santiz, Rosa López Díaz, and Enrique Gómez Hernández.

Teacher Alberto sent word from the maximum-security prison where he is being held in Guasave, Sinaloa: “The Mexican governments have wanted to and continue wanting to silence me, separating me from my lawyers, friends, and family.  This transfer has been unjust, but more than that I would like to say that as long as there exists injustice not even the dead can be silent, because to die is to live for others.  Fine, comrades, much spirit for you, who are not alone; continue forward, for the people need you.  I here will pray for you.”

Teacher Martín Ramírez López, spokesperson for the Movement of the People of El Bosque for the release of Alberto, recalled that since the very beginning of Patishtan’s arrest in July 2000, the people mobilized themselves, protesting and taking the municipal palace.  Governor Roberto Albores Guillén promised to release him, but instead Patishtán Gómez was inmprisoned. Ramírez noted that “This was the crime of the comrade, the reason for his incarceration,” reading a letter written on 26 May 2000, three weeks before the 12 July massacre of police for which the teacher has been sentenced to 60 years imprisonment.  The letter is addressed to then-governor, and it details the various crimes and abuses committed by the mayor, requesting his resignation.  Martín noted that “They made a list with the names of the authors of this letter so that they could arrest them all, but in the end they only went for our comrade.  They threatened this example for the others, if we chose to continue protesting.”

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Chiapas: new denunciation by prisoners Solidarios de la Voz del Amate

January 6, 2012


On 23 December, prisoners associated with the organization Solidarios de la Voz del Amate being held in the San Cristóbal de Las Casas prison published a new denunciation affirming that “In all of Mexico and other countries in which men and women and their families are celebrating convivially and happily these days 24 and 25 December, giving and receiving love and warmth and the embrace of the father of the family, but due to the regime of the bad system that we live we are separated from our families due to unjust imprisonment and the fabrication of crimes that has caused us much suffering.  An example of this is that on Christmas in place of celebrating in harmony with our wives and children we pass this day only with sadness, a sadness that has become courage.”

They call on governor Juan Sabines Guerrero “to intervene to grant us the unconditional liberty that we deserve; we also request from the federal government the release of political prisoner Alberto Patishtán Gómez who finds himself held in Prison No. 8 in Guasave, Sinaloa.

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Chiapas: 2 prisoners who carried out hunger strike in Chiapas are released

November 26, 2011

On 15 November, at approximately 5:00pm were released 2 of the 8 indigenous individuals who for 39 days had engaged in a hunger strike in the State Center for the Reinsertion of the Sentenced (CERSS) no. 5 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas.

José Díaz López, from San Andrés Larráinzar, and Andrés Núñez Hernández, from San Juan Chamula, were freed after their cases were revised, their sentences suspended.  The two members of the prisoners group “Those in Solidairty with La Voz del Amate,” adherents to the Other Campaign, had been accused of homicide and were held in prison for more than 9 years.  Díaz López, 36 years of age, and Núñez Hernández, 39 years of age, participated together with eight other prisoners in a hunger strike that began on 29 September and ended on 6 November.

With the liberty of these 2 prisoners now there have been freed 4 prisoners from this movement after 2 prisoners from the community of Mitzitón were released in October.  Regardless, there still remain 8 other hunger strikers in prison, among them Alberto Patishtán Gómez, who was transferred to a federal prison in Sinaloa.

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