Guerrero: Solidarity Network Decade against Impunity takes over the case of the 6 community police prisoners in Acapulco

June 12, 2014
Bishop Raul Vera, president of the Solidarity Network Decade against Impunity with CRAC policemen (@SIPAZ)

Bishop Raul Vera, president of the Solidarity Network Decade against Impunity with CRAC policemen (@SIPAZ)

At the request of their family and the community police from the House of Justice of El Paraiso, Ayutla municipality, that belongs to the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities (CRAC), the Solidarity Network Decade Against Impunity has taken over the legal defense of six community policemen who are held prisoners in Acapulco.

The policemen were arrested on August 21, 2013 by elements of the Army and the Federal Police. They were formally arrested on the charges of kidnapping. Ángel García García, one of the arrested policemen, said that they signed a statement under torture: “we never knew what we were signing.”

Yesenia Bolaños, the mother of the girl allegedly abducted by community police, stated that she willingly took her daughter to the House of Justice in El Paraiso “to be reeducated for being rebellious.”

José Sánchez Sánchez, defense attorney in the case, considered that the process in course is due to a political context in which the state government wants to “annihilate” the community police system. According to Magdalena Lopez Paulino, secretary of the Solidarity Network Decade Against Impunity, the six detainees are accused of unproven crimes. She demanded the process be carried out as stated by the American Convention on Human Rights.

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Guerrero/National: Solidarity Network Decade against Impunity denounces intimidation against two members days before Observation Mission to Guerrero

February 5, 2014


On 28 January, María Magdalena López Paulino and Ericka Zamora Pardo, members of the Solidarity Network Decade against Impunity, were intimidated just days before the visit they were planning to Guerrero as part of a Civil Observation Mission that seeks to document the violations of the human rights of social activists in the state.

The two denounced that they were meeting at a restaurant in Mexico City to plan the final details of the mission which is to take place 9-10 February and be led by the bishop of Saltillo, Raúl Vera López.  At the meeting were also present Jorge Salazar Marchán, president of the Commission on Human Rights from the Guerrero State Congress, and the film-maker Braulio Gutiérrez Hidalgo y Costilla, who will present the documentary El Charco, the Republic of Silence during the observation mission.  Several military-looking persons were filming the restaurant meeting for more than 4 hours, and López Paulino and Zamora Pardo were followed after leaving the space.  Later, police from the Secretary of Governance arrived to arrest and transfer them to the Public Ministry.  For this reason, the Network has written authorities to demand a clarification of the events and the protection of the rights-defenders.

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