Guerrero: Nomination of new head of Coddehum provokes controversy

January 15, 2014


Photo @SIPAZ

The nomination made by Governor Ángel Aguirre Rivero of Ramón Navarrete Magdaleno as head of the State Commission for the Defense of Human Rights (Coddehum) has generated debate and discussion among representatives of different parties.  The Technical Council, the maximum organ of this institution, had designated Hipólito Lugo Cortés as interim president following the death of Juan Alarcón Hernández.  The governor then removed him and nominated the regional visitor of Acapulco, Ramón Navarrete Magdaleno, to the position.  This action was interpreted by the Technical Council as an interference from the executive branch.  From Ometepec, Ramón Navarrete Magdaleno previously worked as regional coordinator for human rights in Acapulco.

Interviewed on radio, Lugo Cortés noted that the executive has the right to remove and nominate functionaries and employees “only in the executive branch [itself], not in Coddehum, such that there can be no violation or attempted violation of the autonomy and independence of this human-rights defense group.”  Cortés noted that, if the governor were the one to nominate the president of Coddehum, “what faith could a citizen have who has been affected by an act emanating from the government, when this government runs the very office to which he might present a complaint?”  Juan Alarcón Hernández, the first ombudsman of the country, died on the evening of Wednesday 11 December in Chilpancingo, due to stomach cancer.

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