Guerrero: TADECO denounces harassment directed at Javier Monroy

December 15, 2014

IMG-20141128-WA0002[2]-1Photo @TADECO

On 28 November, the team of the Workshop for Communal Development (TADECO) was threatened by a note that was left in the morning on the automobile belonging to director Javier Monroy Hernández outside his home in Chilpancingo, Guerrero.  TADECO detailed that the anonymous message, written on carton using blue ink, says the following: “Fucking little guerrilla of Marxist-Leninist orientation…  my balls.  FJ. MONROY HDZES… OF THE EZLN.  FOR EACH COMRADE MARINE, SOLDIER, POLICE WHO FALLS, YOUR LIFE WILL BE CUT SHORT BY A YEAR. REGARDS, DEFENDERS OF THE COUNTRY.”  The message on the back carries a type of signature with different Mexican and international security agencies, including some that do not even exist: “ANTI-TERRORIST AND ANTI-SUBVERSION INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, CISEN, SEDENA, SEMAR, AND STATE DEPT OF NSA.  ISRAEL, ITALY, GERMANY, AND FRANCE.  MOSSAD, POLICE, SURETEE.  POL NAC.  SPAIN.  CARABINIERIS.”  The message concludes: “WE ARE WATCHING YOU… together with the female bigot and “Comandanta Isabel.”  E.A…” 

The organization could not tell if this was a joke, but it is not the first time that its member receive threats of this sort, as accompanied by actions and slanderous charges against the activists.  Beyond this, it stresses the type of support it has provided to the parents and students of the Raúl Isidro Burgos rural normal school of Ayotzinapa, and the accompaniment it has given to the victims of social violence from the Committee of Relatives and Friends of Kidnapped, Disappeared, and Murdered in Guerrero for seven years.  TADECO recalls that in 2009 there was a similar campaign of death-threats and harassment communicated by telephone that was resolved with the support of other organizations, in light of the incompetence of the State Attorney General’s Office.

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Guerrero: Organizations clarify that they have no relationship with guerrilla movements

January 22, 2014


On 13 January, the Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Center for Human Rights (Prodh) affirmed its support for the Collective against Torture and Impunity (CCTI), which faces criminalization due to its work for human rights.  This criminalization was revealed on 7 January on the electronic news page, which published an article referring to State intelligence reports from the federal and Guerrero state governments.  This article observes that “the social groups which in 2013 were very active in the state (such as the teachers’ movements and the communal police) had been assessed and infiltrated by guerrilla movements or members of insurgent groups that work in the region.”

In light of this, the CCTI clarified to Milenio that it has no relationship or tie with any guerrilla groups, whether state or national, and it stressed that the published article threatens the physical and psychological integrity of Dr. Raymundo a human-rights coordinator for CCTI in Guerrero; Bertoldo Martínez Cruz, member of the Front of Organizations of Guerrero State (FODEG); Minervino Morán Hernández, memember of the State Coordination of Education Workers in Guerrero (CETEG); Bernardino García Francisco, survivor of the El Charco massacre; Manuel Olivares Hernández, from the Guerrerense Network of Civil Human Rights Organizations; Vidulfo Rosales Sierra, a lawyer in defense of human rights from the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights; and Javier Monroy, from the Workshop for Communal Development (Tadeco).

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Guerrero – briefs: Campaign begins to observe sentences in the cases of Inés Fernández and Valentina Rosendo; organizations will welcome the Caravan to the South of the Movement for Peace; celebration of the international day of the disappeared

September 22, 2011

On 31 August, the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous people (OPIM) and the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights, in coordination with Inés Fernández and Valentina Rosendo, initiated a new campaign named “Observe the Sentences of the [Inter-American Court on Human Rights] to Break the Wall of Impunity.”  The objective is to bring together persons and organizations to demand that President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa make the implementation of the sentences a priority for his government, such that the work tables be carried out in conformity with the agreement presented by Inés and Valentina until it reach the observation of each and every one of the resolutions mandated by the sentnces.  On 1 October 2010, the IACHR presented two sentences against the Mexican State, released in the cases of Inés Fernández Ortega and Valentina Rosendo Cantú which determined that both Me’phaa indigenous women were sexually violated and tortured by units of the Mexican Army in 2002.

In other news, on 1 September in Chilpancingo, during a press conference, the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity in Guerrero called ont he people of Guerrero to support the Caravan to the South, led by the poet Javier Sicilia, which will begin on 8 September in Mexico City en route to Morelos and Guerrero.  The press bulletin notes that “we call on the people of Guerrero […] to welcome, accompany, and strengthen this movement, which largely corresponds to the aspirations of justice that our people claim, at least since the Dirty war, when more than 600 citizens of Guerrero were disappeared, as similarly the relatives of the kidnapped, disappeared, and murdered of the state do so today.  [The caravan to the South] will leave on 8 September from Mexico city toward the state of Morelos, to continue on toward our state of Guerrero on 9 September, when it will arrive to the city of Iguala de la Independencia, passing on day 10 through the capital Chilpancingo de los Bravos and concluding that same day in Acapulco de Juárez, so as to continue on to Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guatemala, Veracruz, Puebla, and Mexico City. […] To the families of the victims of violence, we call on you to express yourselves, to break the silence that fear, terror, powerlessness, and pain have imposed on you; we call on you to participate int he activities of the Caravan.”

Lastly, on 26 August, in the context of the 37th anniversary of the disappearance of the Guerrero activist Rosendo Radilla–which occurred at the hands of the Army on 25 August 1974–the executive secretary of the Association of Relatives of the Detained, Disappeared, and Victims of Human Rights Violance in Mexico (AFADEM), Julio Mata Montiel, noted that although the absence of justice int he country has been amply demonstrated, it has not been sufficient to find the remains of Radilla.  While questioning the government’s continued complicity in impunity, and although no announcement has been made regarding the whereabouts of the disappeared, Mata noted that new excavations int he military barracks of Atoyac de Álvarez, slated to begin in October or November, could prove productive.

The Workshop for Communal Development (TADECO) and the Committee of Relatives and Friends of the Kidnapped, Disappeared, and Murdered in Guerrero, in a 30 August press-bulletin, speak of the disappeared: “It pains us to tell you that we have not achieved much, particularly in the most important aspect that is finding them and providing them justice.  We would like you to know that we continue promoting search plans to create a tactical group of the State that would find them and reopen the investigations, to continue with the leads we have come up with so as to find their location.  We would like to contribute as organizations in the investigations, regardless of the risks that this implies, but the government refuses; it insists in keeping us isolated, separated, ignorant, and quiet.”

At the national level, on 30 August was celebrated the first anniversary fo the national campaign against forced disappearance in Mexico.  The campaign has documente dfrom 2005 to date 28 cases of forced disappearance against human-rights defenders.  The demands of the campaign are, among others, that the State, with the active participation of society, promote a General Law against the Forced Disappearance of Persons, and that the State observe its obligations with regard to the investigation, persecution, and sanction of cases of forced disappearance of whiever person so as to effectively combat the impunity of these cases.  Javier Hernández Valencia, representative of the Office in Mexico of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, noted that forced disappearances in the country happen not only for political reasons, and he lamented that it is the families of victims who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of justice, rather than the juridical institutions so responsible.

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Guerrero – briefs: Judge acquits attacker of Radio Ñomndaa Committee member; Interior Ministry evades compliance with sentencing in the case of Inés and Valentina February 4, 2011

Guerrero – briefs: Release of OPIM leader; incursion of Navy forces in La Morena community

July 27, 2011

OPIM members @La Jornada

On 7 July, Rafael Rodríguez Dircio, member of the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous People (OPIM), was released, having been detained and incarcerated on 29 June on the charge of homicide of Alejandro Feliciano García.  On these same charges had been detained five other members of OPIM on 17 April 2000.  One of these persons was Raúl Hernández Abundio, a prisoner of conscience as recognized by Amnesty International who spent more than two years in jail on this charge, with the four others having been released previously.  Inocencio Orduño Magallón, judge in the case, resolved in favor of Rafael Rodríguez’s release in light of lack of evidence.

The Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights reminds us that there exist four other arrest-orders against OPIM members for this same crime.  “It is for this reason that we request the Guerrero State Attorney General’s Office to suspend these arrest-orders, given that with the release of Rafael Rodríguez Dircio, it has once again been demonstrated that the accusations and the legal process against these indigenous defenders are derived by fabricated evidence against those who demand the realization of their human rights and who organize toward that end.”

In other news, on 20 July, units of the Armed Navy of Mexico invaded the community of La Morena, municipality of Petatlán.  They detained for two hours state police who had been monitoring the community as well as residents of the community, denounces Elvia Torres Cruz, sister to Javier Torres, a campesino who was murdered in April.  The justification for the operation was that the unit had on the previous Sunday (17 July) left one of its vehicles in the community.  On that day there was had a confrontation in the community between units of the Armed Navy and of the state police.  One marine and one police-officer died.  On 18 April of this year Javier Torres was murdered by a uniformed group carrying high-caliber weapons, presumably operatives linked to organized crime.  His family has received protectionary measures and since that time the community of La Morena has been protected by the state police.

In an interview, Javier Monroy, coordinator of the Workshop for communal development (TADECO), said that leaders of organizations that comprise the Front of the Popular Masses of the State of Guerrero met with the Minister of Justice, Alberto López Rosas, and demanded that the clarify the acts and prioritize the investigation of the murder of Javier Torres.  In this vein, he indicated that TADECO has requested support for construction materials and other goods for La Morena, given the events of 17 July.

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Guerrero: Second murder of ecologists in the Sierra de Petatlán

June 9, 2011

Sierra de Petatlán @ Guerrero Noticias

Brothers of the ecologist campesino Javier Torres Cruz, an activist from the Sierra of Petatlán murdered in April, denounced that on Friday 27 May Adrián Silva, another campesino from the community La Morena, was taken by presumed loggers while he was traveling between the populations of Banco Nuevo and Parotitas.  On 28 May Silva was found dead in a place known as Parotitas, reported Felipe Torres Cruz.

Felipe Torres indicated that the murderers of Silva are a man he identified as Chano Arreola and the Bautista family, whom he linked to illegal logging in the area.  The activist was reportedly shot at by at least 10 men.

The ecologist suspects that the actions have the intention of suspending the precautionary measures that the Commission on Defense of Human Rights (Coddehum) had requested for the Torres Cruz family, in light of the constant aggressions it has suffered.  “They want to kill us; they’ve told us.  They want to kill me and my family.  That is what they will do.  We request aid.”

Torres recalled the murder of his brother Javier, which occurred on 18 April and was denounced the following day.  He indicated that when the body was found it was realized that his cellular phone had been robbed.  “We know that they have been threatening the leaders of the organizations with whom my brother had contact, such as Tadeco, the CCTI, and even the Human Rights [Center] have been contacted for defamation.”

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Guerrero – briefs: Rally for justice and the end of impunity in Chilpancingo; NGOs request definitive cancellation of La Parota

May 12, 2011


On Thursday May 5, social organizations in defense of human rights, such as the Community Development Workshop (TADECO), the Committee of Family and Friends of the Kidnapped, Disappeared and Murdered in Guerrero, the Guerrero Network of Human Rights (Redgroac), and the Regional Coordinator of Communal Authorities (CRAC), among others, protested in the zócalo of Chilpancingo against the violence that continues to pervade the state of Guerrero.  Minutes before the rally for justice and to end impunity, the authorities of the capital city council cut the electricity to prevent the protests from being heard through the speakers. However, this action did not stop the activists who, without microphones, raised their voices to speak. Manuel Olivares, of Redgroac, said he joined the march that was organized by Javier Sicilia to tell the authorities “enough murders, kidnappings, disappearances”. Javier Monroy, coordinator of TADECO, and the director of the Citizen Movement of Guerrero Alphabetization, Austreberto Basilio Goytia, expressed outrage over the murder of the director of the Center of Studies and Projects for Total Human Development, Quetzalcoatl Leija Herrera, which occurred on May 4 in the central plaza of Chilpancingo. In a communique on May 5, TADECO and the Committee of Family and Friends of the Kidnapped, Disappeared and Murdered in Guerrero demanded, among other things, that the State Government of Guerrero “respect, facilitate and support the collaboration of the families of victims of social violence in the investigations”, and that the Federal Government “[…] clarify the cases of campesino Javier Torres Cruz, of the community of La Morena, who was murdered recently [and t]he identification and punishment of those responsible for the extrajudicial murders […] of Raúl Lucas Lucía and Manuel Ponce Rosas”.

Additionally, in a press statement on May 3, national and international human rights networks urged the federal and local government to cancel the La Parota hydroelectric dam project. On the day of April 19, 2011, the Agrarian Tribunal (TUA), based in Acapulco, issued a ruling that annulled the land assembly held on April 28, 2010, which was intended to impose the construction of the hydroelectric project. National and international networks have welcomed the cancellation of the agrarian assembly decision and now call for the definitive cancellation of the project, based on Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization (ILO), which states that the consent of communities is a requirement and without which, no project that involves the removal or relocation of the population can be carried out.

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Guerrero: The ecologist campesino Javier Torres Cruz is murdered

May 6, 2011


On Monday 18 April, the defend of the forests of the sierra of Petatlán, Javier Torres Cruz, known also for his having denounced before the Prosecutorial Office of Mexico City the cacique Rogaciano Alba as author of the murder of the lawyer Digna Ochoa, was killed by hired assassins, presumably at the service of Alba, who is imprisoned for presumed offenses linked to organized crime.  Similarly, it was reported that his brother, Felipe Torres Cruz, finds himself gravely injured.  In accordance with information released by the coordinator of the Workshop of Communal Development (TADECO), Javier Monroy Hernández, Torres Cruz, 30 years old, was traveling through the area known as Puerto de la Mosca in the Sierra of the municipality of Petatlán when he was shot by a group of men with the last name Arreola, identified as hired assassins at the service of Alba.

The non-governmental organizations TADECO and the Collective against Torture and Impunity (CCTI) condemned the crime in a press-release on 19 April and demanded that the state and federal government investigate the case and punish those responsible.  “Javier Torres is yet another victim of the criminalization of social struggle and of the so-called war on drugs, which is a war of dark capital in which the State has taken part and the government of Calderón collaborates with groups of political and economic power found in the turrets of the parties and the groups of large firms […].  In light of the aforementioned, the organizations demand, among other things, that the discourse of the struggle against narco-trafficking not be used to cover up acts of harassment and intimidation against the communities of the Sierra of Guerrero, that the military presence in the region be clarified, and that the presence of paramilitaries be covered by reports having to do with their actions and results.  We also demand the immediate exit of the Mexican Army from the communities of the Sierra of Guerrero, their return to their barracks, punishment of the soldiers responsible for violations of human rights, and reparations for damages caused to communities, social organizations, and families.”  Finally, TADECO and CCTI call on “social organizations and civil organisms and human-rights defenders to stand in solidarity and join the actions of denunciation and solidarity.”

In other news, the National Association of Democratic Laywers (ANAD) and the CCTI expressed in a 20 April press-release that “it is important to stress the period of 10 days during which Javier Torres Cruz was disappeared (1 to 10 December 2008) during which he was tortured and threatened with death by soldiers pertaining to the 19th Infantry Batallion of the Mexican Army, who apparently ‘worked for the people of Rogaciano.’  This disappearance and torture were never investigated by the competent authorities.  Other events related to the threats against Javier are found during the year 2009 when on at least 6 different occasions soldiers of the Army entered the community of La Morena, attacking Javier’s family-members and threatening him with death.  All these violations as well as incursions were denounced in a punctual manner, but no appropriate authority has resolved any of the cases.”  The press-release emphasizes that “the murder of the ecologist campesino Javier Torres Cruz cannot remain in impunity, given what it represents” and that “the state government must act immediately to find the evidence and testimonies to detain, disarm, and demobilize the group known as ‘Los Arreola’.”

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Boletín_de_Prensa_ANAD_y_CCTI (20 April)

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