Guerrero: Popular Police of Olinalá denounces military invasions of communities

June 10, 2013


Photo @Tiyako Felipe

On 27 May, the Regional Coordination for Justice and Security-Communal and Popular Police (CRSJ-PCP) released a communique in which it denounces and demands the immediate withdrawal of the Mexican Army that invaded the communal territory of Temalacatzingo, Olinalá municipality, on 26 May, where the PCP has presence.  In the communique, the PCP reported that the incursion took place 10 days after it released its political manifesto, in which it “stresses the means by which we are building popular sovereignty.  These governmental actions we see as a manner of continuing with its politics of intimidation, harassment, and repression toward the communities where we have organized, under the principle of the life of popular sovereignty, thus forming our Communal and Popular Police as a means of self-defense amidst different types of violence.”  In the communique, the Coordination demands that “the government of Guerrero and Mexico immediately withdraw the Army from our communal territory.  Here we do not need your services; here we take care of ourselves and protect ourselves.”

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