Guerrero: Arrest of a leader of the opposition to the La Parota Dam

June 23, 2014
Marco Antonio Suategui Muñoz, spokesman of Cecop (@Proceso)

Marco Antonio Suategui Muñoz, spokesman of Cecop (@Proceso)

In a police raid on June 17, in the city of Acapulco, state ministerial police arrested the spokesperson for the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to the La Parota Dam (Cecop), Marco Antonio Suástegui Muñoz.

According to the State Attorney General (PGJE), there was a warrant for the arrest of Marco Antonio Suástegui for his presumed involvement in various crimes. The suspect faces about 15 criminal investigations for various suspected crimes linked to his struggle against the construction of the La Parota dam and the removal of gravel and sand from the Papagayo riverside.

The Cecop has announced that it would submit the case to the Tlachinollan Human Rights Center, for it to conduct the defense of the detainee.

As reported by the weekly magazine Proceso, “the arrest of the leader of the peasants in opposition to the La Parota dam occurs in a context of reactivation of the hydroelectric project promoted by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and supported by the administration of Aguirre,” the state governor.

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Guerrero – Briefs: Detention of FODEG member, Raúl Hernández recieved threats and announcement of the commemoration of the massacre at Aguas Blancas

June 30, 2010

On the morning of June 21, Bertoldo Martínez Cruz, member of the Front of Democratic Organizations  of the state of Guerrero (FODEG), was accused of  alleged robbery and other grievances by the City Council of Ayutla. He was released later that same day after it was demonstrated that his arrest was based on charges that Attorney General of Guerrero had retired in 2001. However, Bertoldo Martinez, who is also the coordinator of the Collective Against Torture and Impunity (CCIC), said that his detention “was not a mistake” and that in fact it was ordered three months ago. Bertoldo Martínez has been known as a member of the social struggle since 1973, when he was a political prisoner and tortured during the last years of the 90s, for his work against impunity in the case of Aguas Blancas. In a press conference, the Governor of Guerrero, Zeferino Torreblanca Galindo, denied that his government has criminalized social struggle and affirmed that they will continue to detain people with arrest warrants against them.

On the 22nd of June, Amnesty International (AI) released an Urgent Action in support of the prisoner of conscience, Raúl Hernández, who had recieved threats from inmates in the jail of Ayutla de los Libres. In the Urgent Action, AI asked the authorities to provide protection  to Raúl Hernández  and requested again his immediate release for having been detained unjustly. Moreover, Raúl Hernández, through the Tlachinollan Human Rights Center of the Montaña, sent a letter to the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ), on 21 June. In his letter, Hernández requested that the TSJ end the process with a fast and just sentence, in consideration of the fact that his lawyers have evidence showing his innocence. Raúl Hernández, member of the Organization of the Indigenous Me’phaa People (OPIM), was incarcerated in 2008, accused of murdering an army informant. He was adopted as a prisoner of conscience by AI because of his wrongful imprisonment.

Finally, the leader of the Popular Organization of Producers of Guerrero (OPPEG), Luis Enriquez Olivares, reported that 15-years after the slaughter of Aguas Blancas,  a rally will be convened commemorating massacre on the days of June 27th and 28th with 25 organizations attending. The event starts June 27 with a political-cultural event and will continue the next day with a caravan that will end with an offering of flowers and holding a mass for the fallen.

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Guerrero: Leader of the OFPM liberated

June 25, 2010

The leader of the Organization for the Future of the Mixteco People (OFPM), Álvaro Ramírez, who had been detained by Ministerial Investigative Police (PIM) on Sunday, June 6, was liberated on Saturday, June 12. He had been accused of the murder of Andrés Feliciano Modesta as well as the attempted murder of Policarpo Patriarca Agustín, but without evidence of his involvement in the crimes, he was acquitted six days after his incarceration in the prison of Ayutla de los Libres.  For the OFPM, it is clear that the Mexican state is persecuting the indigenous organization, and thus trying to stop their work to defend human rights. In fact, after his liberation Álvaro Ramírez denounced the Guerrerense Governor, Zeferino Torreblanca Galindo for forming a pact to stop the OFPM – in alliance with the cacique, Policarpio Patriarca Agustín of Ayutla de los Libres. In a joint press release on June 14, the Guerrerense Network of Civil Society Organizations and the Tlachinollan Center for Human Rights of the Montaña, also noted the work of repression against the OFPM by the government of Torreblanca.

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Guerrero – Briefs : Police detain a leader of the OFPM/ Anniversary of El Charco (June 19, 2010)

Guerrero – Briefs : Police detain a leader of the OFPM/ Anniversary of El Charco

June 19, 2010

Leaders of OFPM disappeared and murdered in 2009.

On Sunday, June 6, the Ministerial Investigative Police (PIM) detained Álvaro Ramírez Concepción, a leader of the Organization for the Future of the Mixteco People (OFPM),  in the zócalo of Ayutla de los Libres. He is accused of the murder of Andrés Feliciano Modesta and the attempted murder of Policarpo Patriarca Agustín, events of November 15, 2009 in the vicinity of Ayutla de los Libres. The Tlachinollan Human Rights Center of the Montaña declared that the accusations were fabricated and that the judge, Alfredo Sánchez Sánchez, denied adequate defense to the Mixteco leader. They charged that the judge rejected evidence in Ramírez Concepción’s defense and that the copies of the dossier arrived 24 hours late after the request of Tlachinollan.

There are also arrest warrants for Luis García Catarino, treasurer of the OFPM, as well as Victoriano y Alicio Ponce Lola, brothers of the human rights defender, Manuel Ponce Rosas who was disappeared, tortured and murdered in February of 2009. Tlachinollan released an Urgent Action asking for the immediate release of the Mixteco leader and an end to the repression against indigenous organizations OFPM  and the Organization of the Me´phaa Indigenous People (OPIM).

Furthermore, on June 7, an event was organized to commemorate the 12 year anniversary of the massacre at El Charco (also in the municipality of Ayutla de los Libres), in which 11 peasants were killed by the Mexican Army. Various indigenous, peasant, social and human rights organizations participated, such as Tlachinollan, the Workshop for Community Development (TADECO), OPIM and OFPM. The director of Tlachinollan, Abel Barrera Hernández, lamented that 12 years after the massacre of El Charco, “they continue to encourage the presence of the military to end the lives of indigenous peoples and peasants”.

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