Guerrero: CRAC inaugurates fifth House of Justice in the Ometepec municipality

December 18, 2013


Photo @SIPAZ

On 15 December, during the eighteenth anniversary of the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities-Communal Police (CRAC-PC), a fifth house of justice was inaugurated, which is to be based in Cochoapa, Ometepec municipality.  The protest action also included the integration of the communities Juchitán Callejones de San Luis Acatlán, Chapultepec de Marquelia, Totomixtlahuaca de Tlacoapa, Tixtla, Acatempan, El Troncón, and Los Amates to the CRAC-PC.  In fact, the action to found a new House of Justice in Cochoapa divided the councilors and other members of the CRAC. Adelaida Hernández Nava, coordinator of the House of Justice based in San Luis Acatlán, departed from the march which took place on the anniversary, while the four coordinators of other Houses of Justice in El Paraiso similarly left the scene prematurely so as not to be seen to support the mobilization.

These differences have to do with the internal rule demanding that two years should pass for new members to exercise their rights and so integrate themselves into this alternative system of justice and security.  However, Eliseo Villar Castillo, coordinator of the House of Justice in San Luis Acatlán, recalled that a general assembly had approved the creation of the House of Justice in Cochoapa.  Several members of the CRAC opted for prudence, consensus, and observance of internal regulations.  Councilor Ignacio Navarro called on the new members of the PC to observe the internal rules of the CRAC and to proceed slowly so as not to commit errors.  Valentín Hernández, assessor for the CRAC, noted that there was a silence in terms of the imprisoned communal police: “We are not all here; there are still 13 comrades who are imprisoned.  In case they have made mistakes, this should be discussed and potentially sanctioned by the CRAC, but not by the federal government.”

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