Guerrero/National: Incoming Government Confirms Creation of Truth Commission for Ayotzinapa Case

August 13, 2018

ayotzi(@SIPAZ Archive)

On August 1st, Alejandro Encinas Rodriguez, the next deputy secretary of Human Rights of the Ministry of the Interior, reported that he met with the parents of the 43 students of the Normal Rural School of Ayotzinapa, who disappeared in Guerrero in September 2014, to whom he endorsed the commitment to create a truth commission. He argued before media that the truth commission has constitutional bases and announced that others will be set up, even of a regional nature, to address the problem of disappearances in the country. He explained that if the ruling of the second unitary court in Tamaulipas last June is not met, it will be agreed directly with the parents of the missing student teachers so that the Commission becomes a reality.

He asserted that, “it is a matter of political will, not just of a judicial nature. There is political will and there will be a commission.” In addition to revealing that “we will evaluate each of the problems; all cases will be seen to. They can be regional, thematic commissions, on specific cases. We will analyze each issue in a particular way.”

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Guerrero – briefs: The PGR should report on the Radilla case; request for investigation period for Truth Commission to be expanded

December 13, 2011

Rosendo Radilla. @Cencos

The Supreme Court for Justice in the Nation (SCJN) has ordered that the Federal Attorney General’s Office (PGR) permit the access and handing-over of copies of investigations into the forced disappearance of Rosendo Radilla Pacheco to the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights and to Tita Radilla, daughter of the murdered social activist.  This is the first time that the maximum tribunal has determined that the Public Ministry should make available copìes of investigations in cases related to victims of grave human-rights violations.

In other news, on 30 November at a forum of analysis, social activists and religious believers proposed that the investigation period to be considered by the Truth Commission be extended, given that the coordinators of this latter organism plan only to look into the years 1969 to 1979, a historical period that corresponds to the Dirty War in Guerrero.  The general visitor of the Commission for the Defense of Human Rights in Guerrero (CODDEHUM), Hipólito Lugo Cortés, noted that the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) has documented 532 disappearances in Guerrero, all of them included in the recommendation 326 that was sent in 2001 to then-president Vicente Fox.  Furthermore, from 2005 to date there have been registered 62 forced disappearances, in which ministerial and municipal police have been involved, as well as the Mexican Army in 14 cases.  The representative of the Campesino Organization of the Southern Sierra, Roció Mesino, noted that the idea is to exclude from investigation the Aguas Blancas (1995) and El Charco (1998) massacres.

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