Mexico: AI demands that the Secretary of Governance takes on its task of guaranteeing security and human rights following the restructuring of the State

January 15, 2013


In a press-bulletin, Amnesty International (AI) requested that the Secretary of Governance take on its obligation to guarantee security and human rights following the restructuring of the public administration on 3 January, the day when the Secretary for Public Security (SSP) was eliminated, having been integrated into the Secretary of Governance, including the management of the federal police.  AI recalls that “during the six-year term of former president Felipe Calderón, the SSP took on a protagonistic role in the strategy against organized crime, one that has left more than 60,000 dead and thousands others disappeared.  The use of torture and abuse as well as arbitrary arrests was routine on the part of the security forces during that period.”

Amnesty International observed that it “considers that the conduct of exhaustive and impartial investigations into the thousands of murders and disappearances which occurred in recent years should be a priority, not only to guarantee access to justice for the families of the victims, but also so as to determine the cases in which there was participation or material aid on the part of agents of the State.  Without truth, justice, and transparency, it will not be possible to restore confidence from Mexican society in the justice system and the security forces.”

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