Guerrero: Using violence, 30 masked men abduct 4 men from Coyuca de Benítez

November 13, 2013


Coyuca de Benítez, photo

Members of the Popular Organization of Producers of the Grand Coast (OPPCG) denounced that ministerial police and soldiers violently invaded the Fuerte Emiliano Zapata neighborhood during the early morning of 29 October, located on the margins of Coyuca de Benítez, Grand Coast region.  The invaders abducted four youth without having any arrest-orders.  Luis Olivares Enriquez, leader of the OPPCG, detailed that some 30 masked men entered several homes in the neighborhood, threatening women with rape and injury to their children, and ultimately took five youth between 18 and 24 years of age.  One of these was let go on the highway.

Civil organizations released an urgent action on 29 October, demanding “respect for the rights to life, security and physical integrity [of the four youth…] and that they be released, given that no arrest-order was presented, and [that] the Mexican State act openly in all its actions with respect for the principles of presumption of innocence and favor to persons.”  The four youth are being held in the security house of the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) accused of a crime  by the leader of leader of the Revolutionary Agrarian League Emiliano Zapata (Larsez), Raymundo Velázquez Flores, and another resident of the municipality, Gabino García Avilés.  The lawyer for the youth insists that the arrest has been illegal, as there was no arrest-order for it.

On 4 November, the International Secretariat of the World Organization against Torture reported that it had received information that the four youth “have been located in the PGJE […].  When the families arrived to the institution to speak with the detained, they found evidence of torture on the bodies of the young.”  According to information provided, the five arrested find themselves initially arrested on bail for 30 days.

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Chiapas: Urgent action involving the detainees of the MOCRI-CNPA-MN

April 13, 2009

In an urgent action on April 8, the World Organization against Torture (OMCT) expressed serious concerns about the “detention incommunicado of Pedro López Gómez, Genaro Gómez Gómez, Ramiro Hernández Gómez, and Marcelino Ruiz Gómez, all of whom are family members of persons incarcerated in the prison CERRS 14 also known as ‘El Amate`, and Eric Bautista Gómez; all of whom were detained in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, in the State of Chiapas.”

According to the denunciations of the Regional Independent Campesino Movement – National Coordination Plan de Ayala- National Movement (MOCRI- CNPA- MN) and from the Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights (Limeddh) at dawn on April 7 members of the State Preventative Police forcibly removed a “peaceful demonstration in front of the Government Palace in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez”. For 15 days, this demonstration had been protesting in solidarity with eight prisoners who are members of the MOCRI-CNPA-MN, who had sewed their lips shut and begun a hunger strike on March 23 because they had been unjustly jailed. During the removal of the protest, according to information from the OMCT, four people were detained “and to date we do not know where they were taken to after being detained”. The encampment of the prisoners who were on a hunger strike inside El Amate was also dismantled by the guards.

The OMCT also denounced that “at the same time that these detentions were taking place at the protest, another group of four patrols of the Preventative Police violently evicted the offices of the MOCRI-CNPA-MN and various residents of the neighborhood, Colonia “Emiliano Zapata”, and during this operation Eric Bautista Gómez, the spokesman of the MOCRI, was detained.

According to an article in La Jornada on April 9, the government stated that the detainees had been placed under arraigo (pre-charge detention) in a secure house and would be freed soon.

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Guerrero: Urgent Actions by various international organizations call attention to the arbitrary detention of Máximo Mojica

December 8, 2008


Amnesty International (AI), the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT), and the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) through the Collective Against Torture and Impunity (CCTI) released Urgent Actions regarding the case of Máximo Mojica Delgado, María de los Ángeles Hernaández Flores, and Santiago Nazario Lezma who were arbitrarily detained in the last days of November in Telolapan, Guerrero.

On November 27, three armed men carried off Máximo Mojica without presenting identification or an arrest warrant. On November 29, María de los Ángeles Hernández and Santiago Nazario were detained by armed men who were described by neighbors to be agents of the Police Ministry of Investigation (PIM).

On December 3, after a number of days without knowing the location of these 3 people, they were found in the custody of the State Attorney General’s office. They were visited by members of the Commission for the Defense of Human Rights in Guerrero which later stated that the three detainees showed signs of mistreatment and had not been given the right to an attorney. The State Attorney General’s office had not yet presented formal charges against any of the three detainees.

It is worth mentioning that Mojica had participated in the Civil Association of Land and Liberty (Asociación Civil de Tierra y Libertad), which is part of the Front of Democratic Organizations in the State of Guerrero (FODEG) and that Mojica and María de los Ángeles Hernández were both members of the State Coordination of Educational Workers of Guerrero (CETEG).

Case update:  On December 4, 2008, Máximo Mojica Delgado, María de los Ángeles Hernaández Flores, and Santiago Nazario Lezma were transfered to Tecpan where they were brought before the Galeana District Judge in order to solicit an administrative detention on charges of kidnapping Adriana de Jesús Ortega Zarate.

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