Guerrero: 4 of the 5 jailed human rights defenders are freed

March 19, 2009

On March 18, the judge Jesús Rafael Aragón granted an appeal to 4 of the 5 members of the Indigenous Me´phaa People´s Organization (OPIM), who have been incarcerated since April 17 of last year. Manuel Cruz Victoriano, Orlando Manzanarez Lorenzo, Natalio Ortega Cruz, y Romualdo Santiago Enedina were freed, while Raúl Hernández Abundio remains in jail.

The five human rights defenders were accused of killing Alejandro Feliciano García, an army informant, on January 1, 2008. In October of last year, the Eigth District judge in Acapulco granted an appeal, but it was overturned by the Attorney General´s office, without any new evidence.

According to the Human Rights Center of the Montaña Tlachinollan (CDHM Tlachinollan), “We are awaiting within the next few hours the confirmation of this appeal with the First Instance Judge of Ayutla, Alfredo Sánchez Sánchez, so that within 24 hours he will order the immediate release of the 4 indigenous persons from El Camalote who were adopted as perisoners of conscience by Amnesty International(AI).” The CDHM Tlachinollan has been defending the case of the 5 human rights defenders since they were first jailed.

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