Guerrero: Detention Order for Nestora Salgado Ratified

Nestora Salgado.png


On January 7, Leonel Rivero Rodriguez, the attorney of Nestora Salgado, commander of the Regional Coordination of Community Authorities-Community Police (CRAC-PC), announced that the First Criminal Court of the High Court of Justice of Guerrero rejected the appeal presented by the defense, and ratified the detention order against her for the offense of aggravated kidnapping. The judges of the First Criminal Court of the High Court issued their decision on December 15 last, but this had not been made public due to the holiday season. Nestora Salgado García was detained in August 2013, and is currently a prisoner at Tepepen Penitentiary in Mexico City.

Rivero explained that the judges rejected the appeal presented by the defense to revoke the detention order handed down by the Tlapa Criminal Court against the commander of CRAC in the municipality of Olinalá due to lack of evidence. He noted that, “Based on a decision reached by the federal courts on February 18, 2015, Nestora Salgado is acquitted of the offense of organized crime.” He said that an appeal had been lodged for lack of evidence to the Criminal Court of the Judiciary of Guerrero. The attorney announced that, “A direct appeal will be lodged with the Federal Judiciary against the decision taken by the three judges in Guerrero.” He reiterated that, “If this court declares the trial void, Nestora Salgado will walk free.”

Some days later on January 10, social organizations, human rights defenders, journalists and artists from Guerrero demanded freedom for the community activist Nestora Salgado during a collective in front of Tepepan Prison in Mexico City. The activists denounced the irregularities that prevail in the arbitrary arrests, not only of Nestora, but also of the other political prisoners and members of CRAC-PC, such as Bernardino García Francisco, Ángel García García, Eleuterio García Carmen, Abad Francisco Ambrosio, Florentino García Castro and Benito Morales Bustos, members of the community police in El Paraíso, and Samuel Ramírez Gálvez, a member of the community police in Zitlatepec.


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