Guerrero: Body of CRAC-PC Member Irineo Salmeron Dircio Found

CRAC.jpgCRAC-PC, Guerrero. Photo@SIPAZ Archive

On November 25, two bodies were found in a plastic bag in Chilapa, Guerrero, one of them of Irineo Salmeron Dircio, a teacher and Coordinator of the Liaison Committee of the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities, Community Police (CRAC-PC). He had been taken away two days earlier by three armed men.

Human rights organizations said that their murder “can only be seen as a result of the violence and impunity that prevails in the state, this event is a direct attack on the activities of the CRAC-PC”. They emphasized that since Salmeron Dircio’s deprivation of liberty, they had demanded that the state authorities take the necessary steps to determine the whereabouts of Mr. Irineo and return him alive. For this reason, they expressed their “profound indignation at the facts presented today, as they represent a clear example of poor performance and omission of the authorities in situations of extreme urgency. It should be noted that the disappearance and death of the Coordinator of the CRAC-PC, occurs in the midst of a wave of insecurity and violence that prevails in various areas of Guerrero, such as in Chilapa and Tixtla, circumstances that would give life [sic] to CRAC- PC and for which the organization has been subject to attacks and harassment by both organized crime groups and by the state authorities themselves who criminalize their normative defense systems.”

According to an article in Sin Embargo, on the same dates, “violence in Guerrero has claimed the lives of 53 people only in the last week and almost 2,000 in 2016, that is 10.96% more than in the same period of the previous year, according to official figures. Acapulco, Zitlata, Tixtla, Ajuchitlan, Arcelia and Chilapa are the places where most executions are registered despite constant vigilance by members of the Federal and State polic, as well as the Army. Proceso magazine stated that “rampant narco-politics, the struggle between cartels, the absence of the rule of law, assassinations and kidnappings persist even after a joint interstate operation, the tragedy of Ayotzinapa and thousands of speeches and promises from Federal, state and municipal authorities. “

For more information in Spanish:

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Más ejecutados en Guerrero, hoy; son 53 en una semana, casi 2 mil en 2016… y todavía no acaba el día (Sin Embargo, 27 de noviembre de 2016)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Guerrero: Levantan en Tixtla a integrante de la CRAC-PC (25 de noviembre de 2016)



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