Guerrero: Three CIPOG-EZ Members Murdered; “They Are Killing Us” They Warn Lopez Obrador

@ La Jornada

On November 5th, three members of the Indigenous and Popular Council of Guerrero-Emiliano Zapata (CIPOG-EZ) were murdered in Chilapa de Alvarez, a municipality in the Low Mountain region of Guerrero. Adan Linares, Moises Cuapipistenco and Guillermo Hilario Morales were assassinated by the criminal group “Los Ardillos” and “the bad governments” CIPOG-EZ reported.

In that sense, they said in a statement that they went to the President of the Republic to warn him about the situation they have been experiencing for years “(…) we told him that they were killing us.” However, they said that the President “pretended to listen to our words”: “As if nothing had been said and we were condemned to repeat the same history, to mourn our dead and our disappeared, on November 5th three of our brothers were murdered”, they stated.

They reported that the three indigenous Nahuas went down to Tlapa and never returned, there “they were detained by the municipal traffic police at 2:20 p.m.; subsequently, a motorcycle followed them and we lost contact with them.” Later, they were found dead in the town of Xochimilco.

CIPOG-EZ blamed President Lopez Obrador, the state governor, Evelyn Salgado, and the municipal president of Chilapa, Aldy Esteban Roman, as well as state and municipal police officers for the death of their colleagues. CIPOG-EZ warned: “We will act, because it is evident that the bad government is not interested in the lives of our peoples.”

They recalled that since 2015 and to date, 50 members of the group have been murdered and 19 more have disappeared. “The people are upset because the government does not pay attention to us”, said Jesus Placido, leader of CIPOG-EZ.

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