National: Morena Proposes Law to Prevent NGOs Receiving Overseas Financing if Used in Activities “Against Mexico” 


In the Parliamentary Gazette of February 22nd, 2022, the proposal presented by the MORENA deputy Reyna Celeste Ascencio Ortega was published, which seeks to reform article 82 of the Income Tax Law (ISR), so that organizations that receive donations directly or indirectly from foreign governments, associations or companies must inform the Tax Administration Service and the Ministry of the Interior about the origin, amount and percentage of their total income.

This, she affirms, in order to have “total transparency” about its financing, as she claims that the 4T has many adversaries abroad who finance non-governmental organizations so that they “promote or delay legislative changes.”

“These organizations hide behind the protection of vulnerable groups, the environment or the defense of human rights”, she said.

The legislator, when presenting the initiative, quoted some of the words said by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in his morning conferences, where he denounced the United States government for financing “coup organizations” such as Mexicans United Against Corruption and Impunity and Article 19.

“As President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has pointed out, these organizations promote coups and these are obvious acts of interventionism that violate our National Sovereignty. It is totally immoral for foreign governments and companies to want to interfere in national life”, she said. 

She finally mentioned that what they seek with said reform is “to put an end to a business where foreign and business interests hire these organizations and they pretend to defend human rights, when in reality they promote an anti-national agenda and contrary to true change.”

For more information in Spanish:

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