Chiapas: Kidnapping and Violence against Migrants in Huixtla

@El Universal

About 20 migrants were kidnapped, assaulted, injured and several women were sexually abused by armed men in the municipality of Huixtla, one of the most dangerous places for the migrant population that crosses Chiapas.

The migrant victims were part of the caravan that left Tapachula on January 20th and was dismantled the day after by the National Migration Institute (INM), the National Guard (GN) and the State Police, which forced them to enter dangerous regions.

According to the migrants’ account, the events occurred on Saturday, January 22nd, in the morning when the group was walking along the railroad tracks to avoid the migratory booth located at the Comprehensive Border Transit Attention Center.

They identified at least seven men with high caliber weapons, those who operate in that municipality on the Chiapas Coast and who wait for the migrants to assault, kidnap and murder them. “I ran while the assailants shot and chased me, thank God they didn’t hit me. I bumped into other compañeros of the group and told them not to go any further because they were attacking, so we went to seek help from the parish”, said a 27-year-old Cuban who managed to escape.

The people who managed to escape went to Huixtla parish to ask for support from the priest Herman Vazquez Medina, who accompanied them to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) to file their criminal complaint before the prosecution for crimes committed against migrants, including rape and gunshot wounds.

It should be noted that the priest Vazquez Medina also requested help from the municipal president of Huixtla, Carlos Eduardo Salazar Gam (PVEM), so that the municipal police would come to the rescue of the migrants, since he had the location of the place where they had the migrants, but support was denied, reported Chiapas Paralelo and El Universal.

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