Chiapas: Concern over Escalation of Violence in Oxchuc

@ El Heraldo de Chiapas

On February 5th, alleged supporters of Hugo Gomez Santiz set fire to several houses located in the town of Oxchuc. President Oscar Gomez Lopez, president of the Community Front for the Defense of Free Determination of the People denounced that the events took place on Saturday afternoon after Gomez Santiz “called his supporters to a meeting and roused them to burn houses.”

According to the Fray Bartolome de Las Casas Center for Human Rights, the report received indicates that several people were shooting in various directions, which is why the residents fear for their lives, safety and personal integrity since “the bullets are already going over the houses, it is feared that a stray bullet will injure an innocent person.”

Frayba expressed its concern about the escalation of violence that is being experienced in the town for putting the integrity of people at risk and demanded that the Mexican State intervene “to protect the life, safety and integrity of the Tseltal inhabitants of the municipal seat of Oxchuc and its communities through the implementation of precautionary measures to avoid acts of difficult reparation.”

It should be remembered that in other municipalities extraordinary elections are being prepared for which people fear that a climate of insecurity and violence will be unleashed due to the dispute over political power “where communities are hostage to the lack of agreements, insecurity and highway blockades”, mentions Heraldo de Chiapas.

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