Chiapas: Tapachulan Journalists Leave Country Due to Threats

© Gaceta UNAM

Juan de Dios García Davish and María de Jesus Peters Pino, both journalists from Chiapas who work in the city of Tapachula, decided to leave the country because they have received death threats and because of the lack of response from the authorities to guarantee their safety.

On May 13th, they received a death threat call, Garcia Davish reported: “I received a very disturbing call, very shocking where an alleged member of organized crime from one of the many cartels in Mexico, who identified himself as Arturo Valencia Diaz , threatened me with death; he threatened to kill my family, my children, if I did not reach an economic agreement with them, if I did not cooperate.”

Maria de Jesus Peters Pino works as a correspondent for the newspaper El Universal and Juan De Dios Garcia Davish directs the Quadratin Chiapas news agency. It is worth noting that both journalists have covered the issue of migration on the southern border of Mexico in recent years.

They denounced the facts before the Human Rights Prosecutor of the State Attorney General’s Office, which declared itself incompetent, so the case was passed on to the Republic’s Attorney General’s Office. However, this unit has not approached him, said the journalist.

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