Oaxaca: Civil and social organizations propose new governance agreements

(Palacio de Gobierno, Oaxaca, @SIPAZ)

In a document signed by 17 civil and social organizations from Oaxaca state, including Services for an Alternative Education A.C. (EDUCA), the Center for Support to the Popular Oaxacan Movement A.C. (CAMPO), the Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights (Limmedh), and the Council for Autonomous Oaxacan Organization (COAA), among others, the “Pact of Governance and Concord” is rejected that was proposed by the state government.  The organizations find that the Pact’s “principal objective is to commit the organized social movement to demobilization, without implying a commitment on the part of hte government with the democratic transition and social justice,” as they noted in the document.

They continue: “If it is true that by means of the election of this alternative government the people of Oaxaca succeeded in having a criminal mafia abandon the government, it is also true that the new state government is not the necessary force to succeed in having a profound change of Oaxaca society […].  In this context more than 30 social activists have been executed, and others are persecuted to fight for the rights of their peoples, communities that live in confrontation due to the lack of solution to agrarian conflicts, as well as peoples who confront megaprojects imposed by the transnationals with the complacence of the governments.  With this scenario the powers that exist prepare the path to continue imposing their project of looting and death,” recalling the deaths for example of Bernardo Vásquez Sánchez.

They also tied together the proposal of the government with the practices of the previous state government, noting that “Since his electoral campaign, the PRI official Ulises Ruiz presented the slogan ‘no more marches or sit-ins,’ committing himself with the most reactionary oligarchical interests by in fact cancelling the constitutional guarantees for freedom of expression, organization, and manifestation, although for this reason he had to turn to the most aberrant human-rights violations, a demand from the Oaxacan oligarchy, finally consummated in the black page of 2006.”

For more information (in Spanish):



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