Chiapas/Oaxaca/Guerrero: Teachers protest against education reform in various states


Teachers protest in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. Photo @ Record Chiapas

Recently there have been protests in different states of the Republic against educational reform. In Chiapas, thousands of teachers from Sections 7 and 40 of the National Trade Union of Education Workers (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación – SNTE) marched and staged a sit-in in the center of the capital, Tuxtla Gutierrez. With this, they started a 48-hour strike to demand the repeal of the educational reform, the reinstallation of a negotiating table in the Secretariat of Governance, and the liberation of political prisoners. Figures differed as to participation in the march: 150,000 according to Section 7 of the SNTE, and only 10,000 according to the authorities.

There were also mobilizations in Guerrero. In Acapulco, members of the State Co-ordination of Education Workers of Guerrero (Coordinadora Estatal de Trabajadores de la Educación de Guerrero – CETEG) marched on the first anniversary of the death of the teacher Claudio Castillo. The 65-year-old teacher died on February 24, 2015, during the removal by the police of the teachers’ blockade of the Sol highway. The CETEG announced a week of protests beginning in front of the Tax Administration Service of Chilpancingo, which closed for more than three hours to claim the discount on the wages of teachers who were not submitted to performance evaluation. Furthermore, some 200,000 members of the Sole Union of Public servants of the State of Guerrero (Sindicato Único de Servidores Públicos del Estado de Guerrero – SUSPEG) marched in the state capital against educational reform, ending in a sit-in demanding the suspension of evaluation of teachers.

On another note, the secretary of Public Education, Aurelio Nuño Mayer, visited Oaxaca for the launch of the ‘Escuelas al CIEN” program. According to declarations of Nuño Mayer, this program will count with an investment of 50 billion pesos to improve the infrastructure of 33,000 schools in the country in the next three years. Facing this, section 22 of the SNTE-CNTE described the visit as a “provocation”, as in the act “was carried out with realizó con sigilo y en completo hermetismo” so that Section 22 was unable to organize any action to reject it, according to La Jornada.” On his part, the secretary said that he was very happy because “another step was taken” on the path to the normalization of education in Oaxaca and the advance of educational reform.

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