Guerrero: Forum on Forced Disappearance

Guerrero.pngPhoto: @SIPAZ

On August 8th and 9th, in the framework of the 23rd anniversary of the Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center, the Forum on forced disappearance entitled “Against Pain and Fear: A Cry of Hope” took place in Chilpancingo.

On this occasion, expert on forced disappearance, representatives of international and national organizations, as well as committees and relatives of missing persons participated to discuss the General Law on Forced Disappearances and Disappearances by Individuals and, and also to share their experiences and strengthen themselves with them in order to continue to search to find their loved ones alive.

The draft General Law on forced disappearances is the result of a proposal issued in 2015 by a large group of representatives of families of missing persons, civil society organizations, and academics with extensive experience in various human rights issues. Together they produced a document entitled “Essential Elements for the Development of the General Law on Missing Persons in Mexico” to guide the Mexican authorities on how to effectively implement a General Law to regulate the situation of missing persons in Mexico. The authors of this document are the protagonists of change, the fight for life and justice to find the whereabouts of their loved ones, reveal the truth, obtain a comprehensive reparation, prevent further disappearances in the country and end the pain which oppresses them.

 For more information in Spanish:

OPINIÓN | Lucha contra la desaparición forzada: un grito de esperanza (Centro de derechos humanos de la montaña Tlachinollan, a 10 de agosto de 2017)

Lucha contra la desaparición forzada: un grito de esperanza (La Jornada, a 09 de agosto de 2017) (Animal Político, a 2 de mayo de 2017)


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