Mexico: Articulo 19 Launches “Interrupted Message” Documentary on Risks Journalists Face

art 19

Of those countries not at war, Mexico is the most dangerous country to practice journalism in. In 2019, Articulo 19 documented 609 cases of violence against journalists, of which ten were murders. Impunity in crimes against communicators is over 99% this same source estimates.

Within this framework, the International Organization for the Rights of Freedom of Expression, Articulo 19 presented the documentary “Interrupted Message” that narrates the lives of four journalists who suffered threats, intimidation, kidnapping and defamation for their work.

“Interrupted Message” shows the obstacles, risks and dangers of journalism in Mexico with the stories of Ernesto Aroche, from the Lado B website, from Puebla, from the photojournalist Jesus Gonzalez of “El Mañana” newspaper from Tamaulipas, from Mayra Cisneros, ex-reporter and radio host on “La Poderosa 94.7”, in Coahuila, and Flor Hernandez, ex-journalist with Newsweek, Oaxaca.

Flor Hernandez (ex-journalist for Newsweek, Oaxaca):

“At the beginning of 2018, an investigation began on the use of money for theFlorreconstruction of schools affected by the earthquakes of 2017. In the investigation, it was discovered that on some occasions the resources were assigned to municipalities to ne effect, while in others it was used for things other than the reconstruction of educational establishments. As soon as the news was published, personal harassment began in the form of phone calls to insult and threaten her, in addition to being intimidated by unknown cars and persons. As a result of this situation, she is forced to stop practicing journalism. In the end, the people involved in the diversion of resources allocated to school reconstruction achieved their goal and no one else investigates the case.”

For more information in Spanish:

Documental: Mensaje Interrumpido, Articulo 19, 3 de julio 2020

“No voy a contar vinieron por mi” narra periodista oaxaqueña en documental sobre el riesgo de informar, El Universal, 4 de julio de 2020


Muestra Article 19 obstáculos y riesgos de periodistas en México,, 4 de julio de 2020

For more information from SIPAZ:

Mexico: 2019 Highest Number of Attacks on the Press – Articulo 19 (May 28, 2020)

National: Reform Of Law for Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists Debated in Context of Greater Vulnerability in Pandemic (May 26, 2020)

Nacional: ONU-DH condena asesinato de un defensor ambiental (Oaxaca) y un periodista (Sonora); sexta persona defensora y el segundo periodista asesinados en 2020 (May 21, 2020)

National: CNDH Demands Clarification of Crimes against Journalists in Mexico – 90% Remain in Impunity (November 8, 2019)

National/International: UNO Presents Diagnostic of Protection Mechanism of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists (September 2, 2019)


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