Guerrero: Demand for End to Violence against Women after Murder of 13-year-old Ayelin Icaze


On October 20th, around 400 people demanding that there be justice and an end to violence against women, accompanied the funeral procession with the relatives of 13-year-old of Ayelin Icaze, who was found dead on October 19th in a ravine in Tixtla, Guerrero.

On October 15th, Ayelin disappeared crossing the same ravine in which she was found four days later, just 500 meters from her home.

That same October 19th, the mayor of Tixtla reported that there was a person arrested for the murder of the minor, and during the session of the Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace, the state governor, Hector Astudillo Flores, demanded results in the investigation of the murder of the minor as well as reinforcing the security and investigation actions of the civil and military bodies, and of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE),

The funeral procession was led by girls who carried banners with messages such as “Not One Less” or  “Justice, Tixtla is in mourning.”

More information in Spanish: 

Exige el gobernador Astudillo resultados en la investigación del asesinato de Ayelin Iczae (La Jornada, 20 de octubre)

Entre exigencias de justicia, despiden de Ayelin, niña de 13 años asesinada en Guerrero. (El Universal, 20 de octubre)

Hallan muerta a Ayelín, de 13 años, reportada como desaparecida en Tixtla, Guerrero (Animal Politico, 20 de octubre)

Con grito de “Ni una menos”, sepultan a menor asesinada en Tixtla (El Sol de Acapulco, 20 de octubre)

Hay un detenido por el asesinato de Ayelin, informa la alcaldesa de Tixla (El Sur, 20 de octube)

More information from SIPAZ:

National: Offices of CNDH Occupied for Fifth Day in Mexico City: Justice for Gender Violence Demanded (September 8, 2020)
Oaxaca: Alarming Increase in Gender Violence in Municipalities with GVWA (August 21, 2020)

Nacional: Declaraciones de AMLO con respecto a la violencia de género provoca reacciones de diversos actores. (May 19, 2020)

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